Sens2 – 256 Light Colors Wireless Speaker with Alarm

Modern lifestyle is more advanced than ever. But along with being advanced, the modern lifestyle is stressful and unhealthy for many as well. The competition is tougher than ever and the lives are busier than ever. People are not getting enough sleep and enough exercise. The stress results in losing calm and patience and raising anger management issues. All of it can be harmful both mentally and physically. This unhealthy lifestyle needs to be changed and there are various ways of doing so. The best way of doing so is self care. There are a lot of devices that aid us in self care to increase its effect. One device that promises to do so is the new Sens2.

Created by David Ng, Sens2 is technically a wireless speaker but it does more than just playing music. Majority of the outer body of Sens2 is a bulb-like lighting surface. Sens2 can produce lights of more than 256 colors. The lights affect the atmosphere around a person and thus the mood of that person. But Sens2 is not just a fancy lamp either. Sens2 combines these lights with other tasks to try to change our daily lifestyle habits.

One function that Sens2 performs is acting as a fitness support. Sens2 can set various timers for you to use while exercising. It helps to keep track of the warm up and the resting periods during a workout. You can set the light color according to your liking and play the music of your choice. Exercising is monotonous and a lack of enthusiasm can turn you away from it. Sens2 lets you set the exercising mood which you want and would keep you invested in it.

Sens2 also works as an advanced alarm system. Instead of having to choose generic tunes as alarm ringtones you can record a custom voice message and set it as the ringtone. You can also select which color would the light display when the alarm goes off. Couples can record messages for each other or mothers can record for their babies. Listening to an endearing voice first upon waking up sets a positive mood for the whole day.

Other than waking you up, Sens2 can also help you go to sleep. Turning on a pleasant light can actually relax the mind thus making it easier to fall asleep. The light in Sens2 keeps getting dimmer gradually at night and thus it is never too bright. The light gets brighter in the morning and mimics the natural sunlight.

Sens2 256 Light Colors Wireless Speaker with Alarm


Aside of these features, Sens2 is just a decent speaker with not that special specs. It works over Bluetooth and produces a mono audio but combining two Sens2 devices can produce a True Wireless Stereo sound. Sens2 has a built-in rechargeable battery of 18,500 mWh capacity. It is enough to give you a 10 hour music only playtime. The time drops to 9 hours when it comes to Mood Light only. Sens2 is also IPX5 rated waterproof. It means it is safe to take it under rain or in shower and enjoy some music.

While Sens2 does have a plenty of features it can not make any drastic change in lifestyle. The alarm system might be its most useful feature. Other than that it can be a good accessory and a decent extra wireless speaker but expecting it to change your life overnight would not be advisable.

Source – Kickstarter

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