Power Vessel – World First Wireless Hi-Fi Audio & All-in-One Gaming Keyboard

Wireless has become a thing of fashion over years. Bluetooth-powered gadgets are in more use than ever. Wires can be messy and they are going out for good. Tech gadgets are for our convenience and wires can take that away at times. A lot of wireless accessories are still coming out with various features. One of these is Fundian’s Power Vessel.

Power Vessel is a versatile Bluetooth mini keyboard. It can be a gaming controller or a handheld optimized keyboard or a Bluetooth music player and hub, a computer mouse. It even functions like a universal remote for your TV. All of it in just one device that can fit in your pocket.

You don’t need any wire or dongle for it to work. Power Vessel fully works on Bluetooth connectivity. There are three function modes you can set it to. You can switch between optimized gaming controls, optimized mouse and keyboard controls, or music direction controls according to what you want.

In the Gaming mode or just G mode, Power Vessel works for both PC and Android smartphone/TV Box games. There are 20 dedicated buttons including Start, Select, Direction Pads, L1R1 bumpers and L2R2 buttons. There is also a sliding jog that works like a joystick. It can be moved in 8 directions allowing for a easy game play.

The Mouse or M1 mode works for Mac / Windows / Linux PC, Android / iOS Mobile and TV box that support Bluetooth mouse. The sliding jog that works as joystick in gaming mode, works as a mouse controller in mouse mode. X/Y/B/A buttons are directional buttons. The L and R buttons work as mouse’s Left and Right-click button respectively. You can even change and select the mouse speed by clicking Fn+Spacebar.

M2 is Directional Mode. Sliding Jog will be set as Directional buttons and X/Y/B/A buttons will be Home / Page Up / End / Page Down buttons. And L1/L buttons will work like “Tab” button, R1/R buttons will work like the “Enter” button. There are music player buttons for Pause/Play/Mute too.

power vessel mini keyboard

There is also a quick call button for making and picking up calls. You can also take selfies with your mobile easily using the selfie button present on the keyboard. The keyboard comes with a back-light that can be turned on or off. It makes it easier to use the keyboard in low light or dark conditions.

Power Vessel has a separate Bluetooth CSR Audio chip. Mini keyboard produces a Hi-Fi Bluetooth sound while playing games or listening to music. It has aux-cable inputs and you can connect headphone and mic to the keyboard.

You can use Power Vessel as remote for a smart TV too. Its QWERTY keypad makes your search queries and messages on your TV easier.

The keyboard charges in 1.5 hours and lasts upto 30 hours over one charge.

It is small in size and just weighs less than 2.5 pounds. It can easily fit in your pockets.

Power Vessel is a portable, multipurpose and versatile mini Bluetooth keyboard with some first of their kind features. It combines all kind of convenience into one device be it about playing games, listening to music or even clicking selfies. It is compatible with almost all kind of devices and platforms. All of this makes Power Vessel a must have all-in-one accessory.

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