PocketDrum: Bluetooth-Enabled Portable Drum Set to Play Anywhere, Anytime

Music is a blessing and so are musical instruments that produce it. Instruments are sometimes ignored over vocals, but they are equally important if not more. Traditional musical instruments have undergone a lot of changes over time that includes size and material. As the technology has improved so much in recent times, bigger changes have taken place. The new PocketDrum is a prime example of it.

Created by Aeroband, PocketDrum is exactly what its name suggests ; a portable drum set. It is actually a pair of Bluetooth-enabled drumsticks. The working process is very simple. You need to download the Aeroband app on a smartphone. Then connect the drum sticks to smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. Then you have to hit the drum sticks in the air according to the position of the cymbal. It will generate vibrations that mimic the sound of a real drum. The sound intensity increases or decreases according the force with which you swing the sticks. The drum set in the app includes CRASH CYMBAL, CLOSED HI-HAT, BASS DRUM, SNARE, and HIGH TOM. More cymbals will be available via future app updates. You can also use drumsticks with earphones. Doing this makes the drum sounds audible to only you.

PocketDrum’s uses internal Inertial AI chip to perform all these functions. Now there are already some devices like this but PocketDrum boasts of being better. PocketDrum has a latency of 6ms which is really low. It just takes 6 millisecond to produce ssound output from the striking of the drum stick. The latency is 76.6% lower than other devices like this. Hence, it does look like PocketDrum is somewhat better here on paper. PocketDrum also uses a space calculating algorithm that is exclusive to Aeroband devices.

Both the drum sticks are just 35 cm longs and weigh only 20 grams each. They are small, light and easy to carry wherever you go. The drumsticks vibrate every time they are struck. Both the drum sticks also have rhythmic LED beams that move corresponding to the movement of the drum stick. Just like the vibrations, the beams too mimic the intensity of movement. Harder you strike the drum sticks, brighter the LED beams glow. Both the beams are of different color and look really cool in dark.

To provide enough time for having fun with this virtual drum set, PocketDrum comes with a built-in 700 mAh Lithium battery. Over one full charge, you can use PocketDrum for 10 long hours nonstop.

pocketdrum portable drum set

The Aeroband app provides 3 different modes of playing the drumsticks ; Tutorial, Free and Game. Tutorial mode is for learners with onscreen instructions and various tutorials for rhythms. Free mode is for a free play where you can freely create and play custom rhythms. The third mode is Game Mode. It is for testing the abilities of those who have learned already. You are given various challenges and then score based on your performance. You can share your scroe online on the scoreboard. It also has a VS mode where you can challenge your friend online.

PocketDrum is a useful, easy to use and fully portable drum set in its own. It has use for both the beginners and pros. And it might even be the best option for everyone who is a new learner.

Source – Indiegogo

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