PetNow – A Wearable Smart High Definition Pet Camera for Dogs

Everyone loves pets be it a cat or a dog. People think of them as a member of the family, and they treat them like that too. It includes more than just giving food and water. A pet’s security is something that everyone should be concerned about too. Technology has made it a bit easier to keep an eye on your little ones. There are multiple gadgets that can help you monitor your pet or track it. One of these is the new PetNow.

PetNow is a High Definition pet camera. It is wearable device like a dog collar. Wherever your pet goes or whatever it does, you can see it all from the pet’s point of view. The adjustable vest has 5 different sizes of harness that can fit the dog of any size i.e. XS, S, M, L, XL.

The most important feature about any such device is the quality of the camera footage. PetNow fares well on it as it records an HD 1080p footage with the camera. You can also change the point of view of the footage from First Person to Third Person. To do this, the camera needs to be taken off the neck mount and placed on the base of the vest. The camera also has a Night Vision that provides a clear footage in low light conditions or even in complete darkness. It allows you to monitor and find your pet even if it roams around a dark or dim-lit area. If you are at work and power goes out at your home you can still monitor your pet present there in the dark.

Speaking of power, PetNow does not need to be plugged into power to stay on as it has an on board battery. It supports fast charging and lasts up to 3 months on a single full charge.

Other than video, PetNow uses audio for a complete monitoring control. It provides a 2-way audio communication letting you and your pet hear each other’s voices. Pets recognize the voices of their owners and the voice can also give them a sense of security and comfort.

With the PetNow app you can capture videos or photos from the stream that you want. The media can be stored on smartphone or onto a TF card from your smartphone. You can also share the pics and videos across social media directly from the PetNow app.

The vest is lightweight with inner padding and a mesh lining. It also has three various designs for the camera. The camera mount is easy to put on and has fast release buckles for removal. There are three different types of replaceable ears to stylize the cam ; little demon, hamster and bear.

PetNow is a great gadget that a pet lover could use. It helps you keep a clear eye on your pet thus keeping their security in hand. It provides transmission of audio and video which makes both you and your pet close even while you are away. Providing comfort and security both, PetNow is a gadget to look for.

Source – Kickstarter

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