OmniFob – Control Everything with Smartest Key Fob

Fobs have been in use since forever now. You can use them for various purposes. They can be decorative ornaments or stylish security devices for cars. Now, fobs perfectly do what they are made for but it would be even better if they could do more than that. Just a small device that could make some of our choruses easier. And now it does look to be possible.

OmniFob created by Keyport is a smart Bluetooth key fob. But it is more than just a remote. It is a remote and that too world’s first all-in-one smart remote. It is a universal remote than can control a car, a home smart device or even a smartphone. You hold the control to everything in a finger-sized remote.

OmniFob connects to your device over Bluetooth. It uses a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology that saves power on both itself and the connecting device.

It can do anything i.e. open the garage, unlock your door, turn on your lights, start your car, call for help, and so much more. You can control all your smart home devices with OmniFob. Smart locks, smart lights, smart plugs, home security system ; it is easy to do everything with this small remote you can carry in your pocket.

You can connect it to Yonomi or SmartThings ecosystems in your home via their apps. With the app you can control the routines or scenes with just a click. In a routine, you can program your smart system to do a certain set of tasks when a routine is performed. And now you can control that with OmniFob.

It only has two physical buttons but it works with smart quick controls. Double-clicking, long pressing, quad-clicking or shake-&-clicking the buttons can be set to perform different actions. There is a Keyport app to customize controls.

You can even user it to control your vehicles in functions like remote start or lock/unlock. You can even control multiple vehicles with just one OmniFob.

OmniFob can also act as personal security tool. It has a Panic Button that can be assigned to do any task like making a call to a contact or emergency services. OmniFob has security service for itself as well. It has a Bluetooth Locator powered by Chippolo which makes it easy to find it if you lose it. You can also use it to find your smartphone using Bluetooth and the app.


OmniFob has a 80dB Piezo Buzzer and 2x RGB indicator lights. For all the notifications it has a small PMOLED white display. It also shows the battery status. This key FOB has a long lasting 40mAh rechargeable battery. It can go up to 2 weeks max over one full charge. You can also see the battery level on your smartphone app.

And like a cherry on the top, it also has a mini flashlight inside which come handy in many situations.

OmniFob is really smart and one of the most useful gadgets out there. Instead of being just a gimmick it actually proves to be helpful in a lot of different things.


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