NOIR : Discreet Security Camera and Dual USB Charger

HD Mask Noir is a one of a kind device that fulfills two of our important needs together. Home security has always been important. Everyone wants their loved ones and possessions to be safe in the premises of their homes. There are a lot of devices that are used to keep that ensured. Security cameras and hidden spy cameras have become a need and everyone should have it in their houses.

HD Mask Noir is a military-grade security camera. It can record a 1080p HD video 24/7. As the video resolution is 1080p, you can see every detail from the recording and even zoom in without losing the details. It’s camera has a 75° wide angle lense that gives out the full view of a room. Noir has built-in infrared technology and a night vision mode that provides a clear footage even at night and when there is no light. It also has a built-in microphone that stays on 24/7 and provides crystal clear sound.

It doesn’t even need a battery. Or even any wires. You just have to plug it in and connect it with Wi-Fi and you’ll get clear audio and video of the room 24/7. You’ll need to download the HD Noir app on your smartphone and you’ll get all the live feed directly on your device. Plus all the footage is saved directly on cloud storage and you can access them whenever you want and on any platform you want. You won’t lose anything even if you lose your smartphone. The app is completely free and doesn’t require any payments.

If you want to install more than one Noirs, the app also helps in managing all of them. You can view the live feed of up to 4 locations at the same time on your screen.

HD Noir Mask also has built-in motion sensors. If three is any motion in room sensors will send a notification on your device. You can even set the sensor sensitivity from the app. You can also set timers for the cameras from the app. Other than that you can choose to keep audio on or off from the app itself.

Noir is small and light and looks like a charging adapter. As it looks like an adapter, no one will ever have a doubt on it. Aside from being an advanced security camera, HD Mask Noir is also a charger. It will keep charging your smartphone and recording everything both side by side.

noir discreet security camera

The best thing about Noir is that unlike major security systems it doesn’t ask for monthly payments for subscription or renewal. You don’t need to pay even once after buying it.

HD Mask Noir is a simple but advanced and extremely useful hidden spy camera device. It keeps your home security in control and even lets you charge your smartphone during the process. It might not be as good as fully advanced full-fledged security systems but the best option for basic security needs.


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