Newyes – Amazing Paperless and Digitized Notebook Set

Writing has always been a part of our world. First we used to write on stones. Then came the paper and it has stayed. But papers are made from trees and wastage of paper takes a heavy toll on nature. It is harmful to the environment. That’s why we really do need substitutes.

One of them is the Newyes. Newyes is not a standalone device but a set. It is a set of an E-tablet, a syncpen and a notebook. It is one of the most unique gadgets out there. Newyes not only provide paperless writing but it also includes the use of paper when required.

The syncpen does a work of magic. It perfectly justifies its name. It syncs the content you write to your tablet. But the best part is that it can sync the content that you are writing on a real paper to the screen of your mobile. You can be drawing on a paper with the syncpen and it will mirror the whole drawing on your mobile screen. The pen has a built in camera lens that is capable of capturing 200 frames per second. The pen has 1024 different pressure levels and can easily adjust according to the pressure you apply.

It supports Bluetooth 4.2 connection for sharing your writings or creations. However, the Syncpen has a memory of its own and can store upto 800 pages of notes. You can then save these pages to the Newyes straight from the Syncpen. From the app, you can export the writings in formats like pdf, jpg, txt etc. The Newyes app can recognize upto 71 different languages.

You can change the core of the pen according to the medium you are writing on, paper or a tablet screen.

Aside from a manual on/off button the pen also supports an auto on/off tech. The pen automatically turns on when you start writing anything. It then turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity or you can turn it off manually. It takes 1.5 hours for a full charge and provides a long lasting 8 hour battery life.

By using the Newyes app, you can take voice notes and use audio playback for your written notes.

It also supports a note video playback option that plays back the whole writing procedure in sequence. With the Newyes app, you can highlight any text you want too. It also lets you change the background color or image and add keyword and tags to the written content.


You can write on both paper or the digital writing pad that comes inside the whole set. You get a total of 192 pages in the set. Once used they can be replaced with new pages.

The set is no bigger than a normal notebook. The syncpen is a bit longer than a pen but still comfortable and not too huge.

In summary, it is a highly advanced and environment friendly device. If you are a writer or even just a student taking notes who wants to reduce the wastage of paper, Newyes is easily one of the best writing gadgets out there.

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