NAUCRATES – Ride-On Smart Luggage with Self-Following Feature and Obstacle Avoidance

Technology in this age has reached to levels never seen before. Gadgets that could only be imagined of once, are a reality now. A lot of aspects of our lives have improved thanks to this. Many devices have become Smart and turned into improved versions of themselves. There are Smart TVs, smart watches and even smart toys. Some more uncommon smart devices are becoming a thing nowadays. Something new keeps popping up daily. One of these is the new Naucrates.

Created by ARTVZ, Naucrates is smart luggage. Now smart luggage have been in existence for a while but Naucrates promises to be better. Aside from having the standard smart luggage features, Naucrates is the world’s first Ride-On smart luggage. It means you can actually ride your luggage. Times of carrying the luggage are gone, now the luggage will carry you instead.

If a a person is going to sit on the luggage and then ride it for a good distance, the luggage needs to be strong. It’s pointless if it breaks the moment you sit on it. However, Naucrates does not leave a margin of error in this department. It is built from high quality German material that makes it very durable. It claims to carry up to 120 kgs of weight comfortably.

Naucrates surely won’t replace a bike or a car but it is not made for that either. It is useful for making way through the airport with ease instead of having to carry heavy load all the way. And Naucrates does that perfectly. You can ride Naucrates for full 4.3 miles (6.92 kilometers) without stopping. Its range is three times bigger than the largest gate-to-gate distance of an airport which is 1.8 miles (2.9 kilometers). The bag also has foot support so that you can sit comfortably while riding. The tires too have shock absorption support which makes for a smooth ride.

Naucrates also supports self-following. You can make the luggage follow you without even touching it. Its following range is 6.2 miles (9.98 kilometers). It has an object avoidance feature that makes it move without hitting into someone or something. There is a remote control to control its movement. It has a joystick to control the direction and movement of the luggage. There is also a button that lets you switch between Ride-on mode or Self-follow mode. The joystick also has an alarm grill. This is useful in luggage’s Leave Behind feature. The joystick will let out an alarm if the luggage is 10 meters away from you. Then you can press the Return To Owner button which will make the luggage find the way and travel back to you automatically.

naucrates ride on self follow smart luggage

It obviously works on battery and has a rechargeable battery inside. The battery is removable as well. This allows you to replace the battery if it stops working. Airports don’t allow batteries on the plane. Having a removable battery helps you there as well.

The luggage is not just convenient but secure as well. It has a built-in fingerprint scanner. So only you and your authorized users can unlock the luggage. As the luggage has a built-in GPS, you can track the luggage using the ARTVZ app.

Naucrates has tons of features that are actually helpful. It makes carrying load easier and more secure than ever. Ut just means Naucrates can surely replace your current luggage for good.

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