Mila: A Smarter Air Purifier to Maintain Home’s Air Quality

Pollution has always been a worldwide issue. It has also been a worldwide threat. Pollution destroys what humans and animals need to survive i.e air and water. The air quality is degrading at various places which results in grave diseases. Staying indoors isn’t safe either as the air inside houses is often polluted too. Now the outdoor pollution will take time to solve but indoors is what we should take care of by ourselves. Air purifiers are now commonly used to keep the air in our homes healthy. There are a lot of air purifiers out there at present and new ones keep coming as well. One of those is the new Mila.

Mila is a smart air purifier which is in fact dubbed the world’s smartest air purifier. Before moving to the smart part, we should take a look at what’s more important ; air purifying. Mila uses a legitimate HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. HEPA is a filtration technology that removes 99.97% of unwanted particles from air that are at least 0.3 µm in diameter. This percentage is higher than any other filtration technology.

Mila also has a 1 lb (0.45 kg) heavy-duty granular activated carbon filter. The carbon is present in form of a 3-inch thick bed. Carbon filters are essential for removing odors and VOCs. One whole pound of 3 inches (7.62 cm) thick carbon can easily remove most of them present in a room. Presence of both HEPA and a carbon filter can decrease the air flow through the purifier. Mila solves this problem with its custom patent-pending dual flow filter. With all of it combined Mila gives out an impressive CADR (Clean Air Deliver Rate) of 411 cubic meters per hour.

You can get Mila in 6 different types of filters. These filters are actually different rather than being just gimmicks or fancy names. The Basic Breather is a regular filter. The Bug Sneeze comes with anti-allergen coating and best suited for people with allergies. The Critter Cuddler is for anyone who has pets. It eliminates pet odors and pet allergies. The Home Wrecker goes extreme on household odors and chemicals present in household items. The Rookie Parents extensively filters every small harmful particle in air to make the house safer for sensitive babies. The Mama-To-Be is designed for health of pregnant women. The filters can last up to 3 to 6 months according to surroundings and then need to be replaced.

Mila has humidity detector to monitor the room humidity. What’s even better here with Mila is that it is the world’s first air purifier with a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas whose excess in body can prove to be even fatal. As Carbon monoxide is odorless you never realize its presence and it can prove to be dangerous. Mila can actually prove to be a life-saver.

mila smartest most thoughtful air purifier

Now, coming to the smart part. Mila has a display that shows all of the info and stats like air quality, working mode etc. Mila can detect the presence of a person in the room and works accordingly. It automatically turns on and works silently when someone is present in the room. But when the room is empty, it turns back to deep cleaning again. Mila also has an app that works on both Android and iOS. With the app you can control the fan speed and see what air quality it would provide. The app also tells you how long it would take to do so. Mila also has spatial awareness. It adjusts according to the room size and provides equal performance in any space. Mila even has a bot of itself. The bot keeps you updated about the condition of air in the house automatically.

Mila really is the smartest air purifier you would ever come across. It makes sure you are always aware of the condition of the air you live in. Be it humidity or even carbon monoxide. It also cleanses more and faster than other purifiers out there. The variety of useful filters is a cherry on the top. All of it makes Mila one of the most useful gadgets one could own.

Source – Kickstarter

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