Mastercard Start Path Program To Help More Startups To Go Global

MasterCard has its own startup enabler program where it selects startups from across globe and help them with experts and resources from Mastercard to scale up operations. Start Path is 6 months program with 2 weeks of physical engagement to better understand startup’s problems and goals. Program runs virtually with access to MasterCard’s global infrastructure.

Key requirements of eligibility

  • Startup should be commercially live or ready to go live soon.
  • Sizeable target market opportunity.
  • Should have secured funding recently.
  • Team should have 5 or more members with strong domain or technical knowledge. Team members should have clear roles and deliver on KPIs.

Startups from all domain are welcome. Some of the domains are

  • Banking
  • Biometrics
  • Loyalty
  • Point of Sale
  • Travel
  • Wearables
  • A.I
  • Data Intelligence
  • Beacons
  • Logistics
  • Security

List of startups that have gone though Start Path program.

Zeta – Enterprise Payments and Issuance Platform
Trunomi – Consent and data rights management platform to unlock power of customer data
Sensibill – A receipt management solution
ShieldPay – Escrow service for digital and physical goods purchases
Railsbank – Unique banking and compliance platform
Mobeewave – Global friction-less payments solution provider
HYPR – Decentralized Authentication
Flutterwave – Modern payments infrastructure in Africa
Goodworld – Accept donation on Facebook, Twitter or website with hashtag
b.well – Personal health app
AID:Tech – Digital Entitlements Transparently via Blockchain Technology
ToneTag – Data over sound (DoS) technology to enable contactless proximity payments, marketing solutions, and mobility solutions.
RecommenderX – Transforming Artificial Intelligence to Business Intelligence
Modo – Cloud based tool to enable interoperability between payment systems
ftcash – Digital payment solutions and loans for SME
CardUp – Make recurring payments via credit card for everything
NetPlusDotCom – Diversified e-business and software company in Nigeria
Fluid AI – AI technology for retail sector
Endor – Google for predictive analytics
Divido – Retail finance platform
Airwallex – High speed, low cost global payments for all
DigiSEq – Transforms consumer wearable and IoT products into contact-less payment devices
Civico – Geo mapping Latin America
Happay – All-In-One Business Expense Management Software
Hand CV – Gesture Recognition and Interaction System
PayKey – Access financial service from any device or social apps like messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, WeChat, Skype, Viber etc
Everledger – Digital vault based on blockchain technology
Mozio – Airport transfers booking
RecargaPay – Brazil’s leading mobile payments
Revolut – Global money app connected to multi currency master card
dopay – Easy payroll solution
InvoiceSharing – 100% free electronic invoicing
Kasist – Virtual assistant for banks
Visenze – Visual technology to simplify search for eCommerce portals
ubio – Automate online processes
Saida – Mobile lending platform
VATBox – Tool to recover VAT
Rainbird – AI-powered decision-making platform
Control – Analytics for Stripe, Paypal, Square and iTunes
Moneytree – Analytics for spending money
N-Frnds – Cloud-based digital distribution platform
Supersmart – Auto checkout of cart in supermarket
ClubApp – Live Scoring Platform for Clubs of all sizes
Big DataScoring – Cloud-based credit decision engine for banks, telecom companies and consumer lenders
Ridango – Transit solutions provider
SBDA – Everyday-banking platform
Rippleshot – Technology to predict and stop card fraud
Razorpay – Payment gateway
ZenCard – Card linked loyalty & rewards platform

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