Magiclingua – Learn New Languages Easily with AI Powered Conversation

There are seven continents on Earth with 195 countries in all of them combined. With a total population of over 7.7 Billions, there are thousands of different cultures and different tongues. We can not and need not to learn all of the languages but it’s always beneficial to learn as much as you can. Learning languages other than your native language can be helpful and fun but it also can be tough. It depends on how serious you are and how good your learning source is. There are many language courses both offline and online. And there are many apps to learn Spanish, French, English and other popular languages. There is no shortage. The problem is that it can be boring when there is just too much reading and not enough speaking.

There is a new language learning app that might solve that problem.

Magiclingua. A language learning app that is for your tongue, not your thumb.

First of all, the application comes loaded with grammar video lessons. Grammar is the base of any language and it decides your fluency and precision. If you know words but don’t know where or how to use them, it is of no use. Plus you learn better when you hear something than when you read it, especially in learning languages. You understand the pronunciation and the flow and it makes you more confident in speaking.

So when you begin the course, you begin with small chapters with video lessons. Rather than just clicking and tapping, you actually hear how it is supposed to sound. When you are done with your chapter, in the end you will get to the exercise. Again, you won’t be just clicking and tapping and choosing answers like in a multi-choice question. Grammar is the base but it wouldn’t be of any use if you can’t use it to speak properly. Speaking and having a conversation is the most important part. You learn something by actually putting it to use. Now, some people can feel shy in using a new language in front of someone while learning. This app solves that problem.

The Magiclingua app provides you an AI-powered conversation at the end of each lesson. The AI will ask you questions and talk to you in the language that you are learning. It will do it according to your progress, so it wouldn’t be saying long sentences just after your first lesson. You can practice speaking with the AI to hear without feeling shy or embarrassed.


While talking with an AI will certainly improve your speaking skills, nothing can replace an actual real-life conversation with a person who speaks that language. Conversation with the AI will help you gain confidence while speaking. When you are confident enough you can move on to the app’s next feature which will make you have a conversation with any native speaker in that language.

The app will recommend you words to expand your vocabulary and help you learn the correct pronunciations.

There are many language learning apps out there, but none like Magiclingua. Listening and speaking makes you learn way better than reading and clicking through options. So if you want to learn some language or just expand your vocabulary or correct your pronunciations, I highly recommend this application. It wouldn’t kidnap your family if you miss a lesson either. Just kidding.

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