KEMOVE: A Convertible Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Remappable Keys

We are at the most advanced stage of technology that it has ever been to. Thanks to which almost all of our old gadgets are getting makeovers that make them even better. A perfect example of this is keyboards. It used to look like there was not much space of improvement with keyboards but that turned out to be false. Keyboards have undergone multiple changes like turning wireless, mechanical, replaceable etc. Various creators release new products with various new features. One such product is KEMOVE.

Created by its namesake company, KEMOVE is a convertible wireless mechanical keyboard. KEMOVE is available in two versions: 61-key and 64-to-66-key. The 64-to-66 key version has a replaceable module that can add two extra keys which increases the number of keys from 64 to 66.

The 61-key version has 85% PBT doubleshot keycaps with OEM profiles. The 62-64 version has 100% PBT dye sub keycaps with DSA profiles. The 61 version is available in two colors ; Black and White. The 62-to-64 version has two color options as well ; one dolch and another a mix of pink, green and white.

KEMOVE also claims to be world’s first fully DIY mechanical keyboard as it is vastly customizable. The 61-key version’s keys are all hot swappable. KEMOVE claims of being compatible with 95% of mechanical keys of other brands available in market. It is also compatible with different types of keycaps in the market like ABS spray coating/doubleshot, PBT doubleshot/dye-sub along with different profiles such as OEM, Cherry, DSA, SA, etc.

KEMOVE provides the liberty to use literally any kind of mechanical keys you like. The keys have just 0.8 mm of space between them which doesn’t allow outside entities to get inside of the keyboard. But that’s what’s on outside. Inside of it is an NXP 64 chip that is responsible for storing the settings change a user makes. It includes backlight effects, key combinations etc.

The 64/66 version is 60% more compact than the 61 version. The number of keys depends on its spacebar that can be replaced by a module of 3 different keys. The keys can then be mapped to any desired keys or key combinations. All the keys here too are swappable and support most of the brands of keys. The 64/66 version is however waterproof which is missing in the 61-key version. It also comes with a free protective sleeve for extra protection when not in use.

The keyboard is completely customizable with the help of The Drive. Drive is available on windows and will be available on iOS soon. With the drive you van remap keys and assign macros or commands to specific key combinations on 3 different layers. The different layers can be then used for different purposes. The layers can be scrolled through and selected by pressing Fn + W, E, R keys. With the drive you can also set backlight colors and effects. KEMOVE also has audio visualization which will make the light stimulate an effect similar to the pattern of any external sound.

KEMOVE convertible wireless mechanical keyboard

Both the versions have built-in rechargeable batteries of 3000 mAh capacity. The keys themselves are long-lasting and can last for over 80 million keystrokes. The keys are engineered with N-key rollover which can register as many keys as you can press without missing out characters.

KEMOVE uses a Bluetooth 5.1 connection to connect and can connect to any device; laptop or tablet. It also connect with a Type C USB cable.

KEMOVE is a very functional, customizable and long-lasting mechanical keyboard. While both versions can be useful, the 62/64 version is more productive and also more durable. For anyone looking for an external keyboard KEMOVE can surely be a companion for long run.

Source – Kickstarter

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