HYPHEN – The Futuristic Earbuds with Wireless Charging, Bluetooth 5

“A good pair of earphones, favorite playlist set, ignore the world and you enter your own world”. That’s my all-time favorite escape from the world. But don’t you feel those wired earphones are troublesome at times? or it is the time to replace your traditional earphones with more powerful wireless earbuds? If so is the case with you then look forward to the best and the most affordable earbuds available in the market – Hyphen Wireless Earbuds by Rolling Square.

HYPHEN earbuds

Rolling Square launched a new pair of wireless earbuds HYPHEN on the Indiegogo platform. These earbuds are the future and best known for delivering crisp audio quality. The earphones come with latest features like powerful bass, advanced touch control. Integrated Wireless Charging, portability etc. at an affordable price.


1 Affordable

Hyphen – the next generation-Gold standard of wireless earbuds offers a power-packed performance at an affordable price of $39. Definitely, this makes them the best deal in the market.

2) Advanced Touch Control

Unlike other earbuds available in the market that offers limited options, Hyphen comes with Advanced Touch Control. This allows the user to change the tracks, increase/decrease the volume and answer the calls without touching their smartphone.

3) Integrated Wireless Charging Support

Hyphen comes with integrated wireless charging support which is missing from the 99% of the fancy earbuds available in the market. Thus, it increases the overall portability of the product and there is no need to carry the clumsy charger everywhere. Though, it is said that the concept of wireless charging is inversely proportional to the battery life but this revolutionary product breaks all the stereotypes. The battery lasts for 17 long hours on a complete charge. Also, this device allows fast charging i.e., makes the earbuds ready to play the music after just 15 minutes of charging. Isn’t that great?

4) Beautiful Swiss Design

Whether you’re using Hyphen for doing the workout in the gym or keeping them plugged during the work hours, comfort is necessary. Isn’t it? It is mandatory that earbuds don’t fall off, again and again, fits properly and doesn’t make you look like an alien. Considering all these points, Hyphen comes with a beautiful Swiss design that suits the ear shape and size of the majority of the people using them.

5) Bluetooth 5

The hyphen is equipped with Bluetooth 5. This ensures instant and seamless pairing which is missing in most of the earbuds available in the market. The company claims that zero audio-video lag is reported while using these earphones. Hyphen works well even at a distance of 15 meters. So users don’t have to carry the smartphone everywhere and they can move freely around the house.

6) Premium Sound Quality

The sound quality offered is the major difference between a cheap earphone and a good earphone. Hyphen comes with Advanced Audio Distribution Profile Support. This revolutionary product offers a full-range listening experience. Furthermore, Hyphen’s noise isolating ergonomic tips provides a much better interface and silence needed for crisp and clear audio delivery.

7) IPX5 Water Resistance

Hyphen comes with water resistance IPX5 technology. Though it is uncommon in most of the earphones below $70 until now; Hyphen is designed in a way to surprise the users. So, you don’t need to worry about using these earbuds in worst weather conditions or during a vigorous workout.

8) Seamless Pairing and 15 meters of listening distance

They support seamless pairing i.e., the pairing between earbuds and the input device is really quick when compared to the time taken by other earbuds available in the market. It also comes equipped with extended Bluetooth 5 and supports 15 metres of listening distance.

All these features make Hyphen an amazing device. If you’re planning to buy a new pair of wireless earbuds then there is no doubt that Hyphen is our first preference.

Source – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hyphen-the-gold-standard-of-wireless-earbuds#/

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