HARROT: Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker for Party with Microphone & Guitar Inputs, RECord, EQ, TF Card, USB Charge

Harrot is a multi-purpose Bluetooth speaker that does more than just playing music. While there are multiple uses of Harrot, for music it has two built-in 6.5″ woofers and two 0.5″ tweeters. Harrot produces Hi-Fi stereo sound which would be satisfying enough in real time usage. It relies on Bluetooth connection and doesn’t need any wires.

Harrot has a bunch of buttons on front side that provide complete control over all of its functions. There is a dedicated record button REC with which you can record every sound around. Presence of a microphone input port makes record feature even more better. You can sing songs along with your friends and record it to preserve it as a memory. There is a Guitar input port as well. It means you can have a backyard concert of your own which you can record as well. All of it with just one device. There is a button for setting Equalizer too. It allows you to choose between different modes like rock, metal, jazz, pop etc. The current EQ mode is displayed in a small screen so that you can know which mode is on.

There is a BTLink ap that act like a remote control to operate Harrot. There is another stripe of display which acts like a flash light that flashes according to the beat. Through the BTLink app you can also change the color of this display. With the app you can also set a time to open the light.

Harrot has a major feature that makes it a perfect companion for a party. It has enough storage to store food or beverage. Harrot can keep your food both warm or hot, whatever you want to do. It has a dedicated button that lets you choose between Hot or Cold mode. Switching between the modes takes around 30 minutes to start showing any effect. It can keep food at any temperature ranging from 37.4 Fahrenheit (3 °C) to 104 Fahrenheit (40 °C). It has enough space as well. You can store 48 beer cans that too along with ice cubes. It even has a bottle opener which is like icing on the cake.

Harrot has a built-in Lithium battery. If you need to use both speaker and storage, you need to charge Harrot for 7 to 8 hours. It might be a longer time period but it makes Harrot work for 13 hours.

harrot versatile speaker

Harrot has sturdy heavy-duty wheels and a pulling rod which make it portable. They are made of ABS and rubber and are durable. Harrot’s surface itself is durable too. A protective glass surface houses control display and protects. Harrot is IPX4 certified splash-proof as well.

Harriot has a couple of never-seen-before features in the loudspeaker regime. It can store a lot of food, open your beer bottles and even charge your mobiles while playing music. This makes Harrot a perfect gadget to bring life to a party.

Source – Indiegogo

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