Get Best Entertainment From the Alldocube X Tablet

A fine tablet can produce all sorts of entertainment for anyone, but it takes a top-quality tablet to provide people with more outstanding entertainment. This is where the Alldocube X tablet comes into play.

Alldocube X

The Alldocube X has become a huge hit on Indiegogo. People can still contribute to the Indiegogo campaign to get a tablet that will be delivered in October. The tablet itself is attractive, but what makes this even more appealing for users is how the tablet offers a Super AMOLED display alongside a super-slim design.

A Brilliant Display

The Super AMOLED display on the Alldocube produces a brilliant appearance that anyone can enjoy using. The 10.5-inch display offers a 2560×1600 16:10 or WQXGA display. The full NTSC color coverage is convenient, while the 100000:1 contrast ratio supports the brightest and darkest tones around.

The display works without consuming lots of battery power. This provides the user with a simple interface for handling content.

A Great Audio Setup

The AKM Hi-Fi audio chip produces an outstanding sound quality. This produces less distortion than what you might expect out of a tablet.

Two stereo speakers are included on the tablet. These are positioned accordingly to create a theater-like sound that all users will remember and enjoy.

A Slim Body

The problem with many tablets is that they are very bulky and tough to carry around. The Alldocube X is different in that this one uses a 6.9mm-thick design. At about 500g in weight, this is also exceptionally light for a tablet of this size.

A CNC unibody layout is also included here. The design ensures that the user can effectively carry this around well without worrying about the tablet breaking apart or leaking among other things.

Don’t Forget the Camera

The 8-megapixel rear and front camera features are both included here to add a better interface. This can record H.264 and H.265 files while using VP-9 encoding and decoding features to allow the videos being handled to be read quickly and in moments.

Look At the Connectivity

The extensive connectivity options on the tablet allow this to link to many wireless networks and Wi-Fi signals. This is suitable for getting onto many movie, sports streaming networks and entertainment services.

Watch For the Memory

The memory support feature on this tablet is a huge plus. The memory support system includes 4 GB of RAM for loading up content in moments. The 64 GB ROM offers enough room for many apps.

This all works on the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. This is one of the smartest versions of the prominent operating system that has ever been released; this is a necessity for many connectivity functions.

Battery Point

Finally, there is the battery on the Alldocube X. This is an 8000mAh battery that runs for up to eight hours on average. A Pump Express 2.0 connection also allows the unit to charge up in moments.

The Alldocube X tablet is still being promoted on Indiegogo. People who are interested in supporting this unit will be impressed with how well the tablet works and how anyone can quickly get the tablet working in moments for any interest one has.

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