Fuse Vert – Vertical Record Vinyl Player with FM Radio, Bluetooth, USB, Aux in

Music is something that everyone loves. People have different preferences of genres but everyone loves music. People prefer different platforms as well. Earphones, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers or hi-fi speakers are common nowadays. But before all the speakers or music players came, there were just music records and record players. Vinyl was the most common source for music. Some people still prefer that out of personal likeness or just nostalgia. Vinyl never became extinct and still is being used pretty commonly. Hence, a lot of devices related to that still keep coming out for people who have held onto their memories. One of them is Vert.

Vert is a premium vertical vinyl audio system. The design is similar to mid century modern record players. It’s just a vertical version of it. Instead of horizontally, the records spin vertically.

It doesn’t just look and work in a retro way it is also built like that. The body is built of a smooth grained hardwood. It has an Ashtree wood base that wraps around the MDF box. It has an auto balanced tone arm that applies the force to the record at the correct weight without causing any damage.

Talking more about the built, the needle cartridge is built of ceramic while the needle is made of diamond and is fine-tuned for an amazing playback. The needle is a Conical Styli with a Bonded Round Shank. The ceramic cartridge results in a rich mid end and beautiful upper range sound. You can optionally opt for the Audio Technical AT3600L cartridge instead which is one of the best-selling needle cartridges in the world.

For audio it has two 8 Ohm 5 Watt full-range speakers with a stereo Dual Channel. Its frequency ranges from 80Hz to 10000Hz with a Channel balance of <3dB. Inside it also has a Stereo Dual Moving Magnet with a frequency of 20 to 20,000Hz with Channel balance of 2dB. It’s in there for the bass and maintaining the balance in the sound.

Vert doesn’t require any complex setup for playing it. It is just like a record player, except it is vertical. It uses a manual Belt-Drive system that spins the record at three different speeds that are 8, 45, or 33 1/3 RPM.

Other than Vinyl, it supports more music playback options. Vert is also a mp3 player and FM player and can play FM radio. You can also stream music to vinay player from your smartphone via Bluetooth. It also has a 3.5 mm Aux line in with which you can connect Vert to loudspeakers if you want. You can even use it like an Alarm Clock.

Its dimensions are 14 x 9 x 15 inches (38.1 cm). It weighs just 7lbs which is not hard to carry.

Vert is a versatile music player which you can use with anything you want. You will just get good quality music in return. It is laden with features and it is something any audiophile would love to have. Sprinkle the nostalgia factor and you get something you wouldn’t regret buying.

Source – Kickstarter

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