Forte – A Smart Loudest Alarm Clock

Alarms clock is the necessary evil in our life, and we use them for more than just waking up. Alarm clocks are pretty simple and one wouldn’t think it can be a cutting edge technology. But enter Forte and it completely blows that away.

Forte is not a traditional looking alarm clock. It has a 9″ big TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 800 x 600. Most of the alarm clocks that have screens usually come with an LED display which produces a bad image and puts strain on eyes. Forte, however, produces a sharp and battery efficient image. You can also set the brightness level to fit your comfort. It has 5 different levels of brightness to choose from. It also has a low-light mode for using in night. The display stays on all the time thus making it easy to check time or alarm status.

The layout is customizable and you can customize what and how you want screen display to look. You can select if you want to see just time or time & date or time & next alarm or all three of them. You can also edit text size and text color.

It has a Next Alarm Countdown feature that keeps displaying the time left till the next alarm you have set. This makes sure that you have set the alarm right. Another very important feature in Forte is its language support. Not everyone knows English, thus Forte has a support of 10 languages that you can choose from including Spanish, German, Portuguese among others.

The most important feature of an alarm clock should be the sound anyhow. It is of no use if it is loaded with features but it’s not loud enough to wake you up. That should not be the case with Forte however. It has five different levels of sound. The maximum sound reaches up to 100 dB which can break any sleep however deep it is. Forte has 10 different icons to label a reminder that you set. It helps you remember what task you set your alarm for. The icons include medication, meal, medical appointment, exercise among others.

On the outside, Forte has a lot of buttons for different tasks. There are 6 buttons that correspond to 6 alarms that you can set on Forte. There are 4 more buttons that are used for setting the time for the alarm. It also has a stand that can be extended up to a 90° angle wherever you want.

Forte does not have a battery of its own and needs it need external batteries to work. Liking or disliking it depends on everyone’s preference. But it does save from a risk of having no alarm due to the battery running out during the night.

Forte has multiple features that differentiate it from a traditional alarm lock. If anyone wants to invest on any such gadget Forte stands out as one of the top choices.

Source – Kickstarter

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