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Couchtuner has become a popular place for people to visit online as they can use the site to watch their favorite movies and shows. They can watch these on their computers, tablets, or smartphones without having to use any outside programs, connecting wires, and so forth.

couchtuner alternatives similar sites

But as appealing and useful as Couchtuner can be, the site is not perfect. Couchtuner only has so much content for people to access. Some people are not all that keen on the interface that Couchtuner uses.
But the good news is that there are many alternatives to Couchtuner that people can use right now. These include great programs that provide you with an extensive variety of programming options while being easy to utilize. You can use any of these options if you are looking for an alternative to Couch tuner that might work a little better than what you are used to handling.

You would have to look around to see that the options you find are intriguing and worthy of your time though. This includes finding Couchtuner alternatives that are easy to load up and enjoy streaming on your computer or mobile device. The functionality that many of these options have is worth reviewing, but be sure to compare choices so you can find something that is intriguing and worth looking at.

What are Best Couchtuner Alternatives?

Here is list of good alternatives to Couchtuner that you may consider.

Dare TV

Start your search for a site similar to Couchtuner by looking at what Dare TV has to offer. Dare TV is a choice that offers a convenient layout that lets you stream movies and shows of all sorts.

The site has an extensive selection of programs that you can search for by genre, letter and other features. You can also send a request to Dare TV if you are looking for something there but you do not see it. The people at Dare TV will contact you if they can get something new.

Watch Series

Watch Series is another choice that gives you great access to many programs and movies. This classifies videos into multiple categories based on the genres that are being offered. You can use Watch Series to find high definition videos in particular, thus making it easier for you to enjoy great sounds.

As the name suggests, Watch Series focuses mainly on television programs, but you can always use Watch Series for streaming various movies. The selection of programs you will come across here will vary, but it offers a great way for you to have fun when watching stuff online.

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is an option for viewing that gives you a simple layout for enjoying videos. It is easy to search for things through Movie Watch by looking for them based on factors like the year they were released, their IMDB ratings and many other points. Full descriptions of each movie on the site are also available, thus giving you all the details you want on anything you might be interested in finding while online. Each of the things you can find at Movie Watch are in HD and can be downloaded for later use if desired.

You would have to register for an account with Movie Watch if you wish to watch things on this one. You can get temporary email from fake email generator websites and use that to register an account. It is free to get an account ready on the site, so you can quickly get this to work well for many of your display desires.

The service is also optimized for many displays including mobile phone and tablet readouts, so it should not be tough for you to use this on anything of value to you.

Series Online

You can find many television shows online with the Series Online program. This is a choice for use that lets you find shows of all kinds by genre. You can also find shows by country, thus helping you to find more programs from many corners of the world that you might be interested in. The simple layout of what Series Online has to offer makes it a good program to use as well.

You also have the option to stream files on Series Online without having to register for anything. The site is also organized to work on all sorts of devices. In addition to having it work on a desktop computer, you can also make it work for you through a smartphone or tablet. The convenience of each option gives you something you will want to enjoy having.


On the surface, ProjectFreeTV has a very rudimentary design that is not all that elaborate or intriguing. But when you look around the site, you will notice that ProjectFreeTV has a good variety of movies and shows for you to choose from. You can go through the entire site and find many things of interest to you here. The fun organization of the site makes it a popular place to visit.

Be advised through that ProjectFreeTV is not a place that offers movies. Rather, it is devoted exclusively to television shows. This is still a great place to visit if you are interested in shows of all sorts. You can always look for shows based on how popular they are or what the latest uploads on the site are. Everything here helps you to find the stuff you want to stream even if it is not necessarily of the best quality out there.


In addition to offering movies and shows that you can stream, Veoh gives the users the power to add more content onto the site. People can choose to upload videos onto Veoh as they see fit. This provides people with the ability to find all the movies and shows that they might be interested in as they look around on the site.

Best of all, people can use Veoh to request videos from other people within the community on the site. There is no guarantee that every request can be met, but the people who run the site will work their hardest to ensure as many of these videos that people are interested in can be offered.

The videos that are uploaded onto Veoh are all easy for people to look around and view. The site has many things for people to check out including movies and shows from all parts of the world. The latest shows can be found here as well as various classic movies. The options that people have to work with here are assorted and deserve to be seen for how appealing and fun they can be.

iO Movies

The simplicity of what iO Movies has to offer makes it a hit among alternatives to Couchtuner. The site has a streamlined approach to finding content that is entertaining and gives you all the great programs you are interested in. iO Movies particularly focuses on offering options based on genre or format. You can also search for movies based on when they were released. This gives you the opportunity to find the latest movies that are available through iO.

But at the same time, you are more likely to find more recent content here than anything else. You can use the helpful search engine on the site to find the various movies and shows that you want to watch. The search engine is very responsive and gives you faster access to what you are interested in the most.

The intriguing part of is that it concentrates mainly on recent television programs. When you go to the main site, you will get access to details on the latest episodes of shows of interest to you. This site also offers a good search engine that helps you to find the latest programs on the site. But to make this work, you need to sign up for an account. It is free to get an account and will only take a minute for you to do.

TV Muse

TV Muse is an attractive place for use that offers a convenient design for watching shows. With TV Muse, you can watch movies and shows alike. The television section of TV Muse is clearly much larger in size, hence the name of the service. But the good news here is that you can get online and use the media player directly on the site to make it work. You do not have to add any difficult plugins or other items on your browser when trying to see what is on TV Muse.

Watch Free

Like what the name of the service says, Watch Free lets you watch various programs for free. You can use this to both stream and download programs. The international selection at Watch Free is also popular as you can get programs from many parts of the world including the United Kingdom and India to go along with stuff you may find in the United States.

Similar Shows

Similar Shows works in that it provides you with online access to various shows plus access to details on shows that are similar to the ones that you are watching online. The useful layout of the site makes it a hit with many people, but at the same time you might genuinely question the validity of some of the results you are getting off of the site. This does at least help you with finding details on certain bits of content though, so be sure to look around and see what’s recommended to you as you watch things through Similar Shows.


Being able to find out when your favorite shows are on is always helpful. Cucirca is one service that lets you get access to the latest shows out there at the right times. You can get a full calendar on the site that lists details on when new episodes of shows premiere and where you can go online to find them. The simple organization of Cucirca makes it a must-use option that gives you something that you will enjoy using when finding programming online.

Café Movie

Getting on a site that is correctly organized and gives you multiple options for watching thing will help you get more out of the entertainment you want to enter into. Café Movie is a fun option for streaming that lets you find movies quickly with a clearly laid out interface that shows off everything you might be interested in. The convenient organization of Café Movie makes it a good choice to find when looking for entertaining programs online.

What About Official Options?

You may find some official choices for viewing programs instead of Couchtuner. These are places that have official licenses for many shows that people can find online. Hulu has become one of the top examples to see with regards to programs that people can view online.

But the selections that these sites have are often limited. You may also have to spend money at some of these places.

Don’t forget that some spots might be region-locked. Global TV is a good example of this. The site is popular for offering many programs, but at the same time Global is only available in Canada where the service is based out of.

Still, you might find some appealing programs of value if you look around well enough. Be sure to see what is available when finding these official choices, but do be advised that it would certainly cost extra for you to get the content that you want to work with here.

A Final Note on Couch Tuner Alternatives

Be aware of what you are getting yourself into as you look for an appealing Couch tuner alternative. The options that you have are diverse, but always be sure you see that anything you wish to utilize comes with a good array of channels and options that you are bound to enjoy.

Also, make sure you utilize an appropriate VPN when using any of these sites similar to Couchtuner alternatives. You need to ensure you have a proper VPN on hand so you can get online and enjoy the quality movies that you deserve without getting yourself into any possible trouble.

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