Airtel Smartbytes – Check Airtel Broadband Data Usage Instantly

You are watching your favorite movie or tv show online or listening to streaming music or playing games online or downloading some important file. And suddenly internet connection stops working or internet speed comes to halt because of exceeding data usage. You are left fumbling in mid-way through whatever you are doing.

Only way to avoid this kind of situation is to constantly keep checking data usage of internet and keeping enough unused data in account.

airtel smartbytes

Every ISP provide option to check data usage online. Some ISPs provide real time data usage statistics while others update data usage after some lag time.

Airtel is India’s one of the larget broadband service provider and if you are Airtel broadband customer, there is simple procedure to check your broadband or 3G or 4G LTE data usage.

Airtel has dedicated service called Smartbytes that provides details of data usage and options to top up your account if you have exhausted data usage. There is an option to set daily usage limit. This is useful feature to set daily limit at the beginning of the billing cycle so that you do not run of data at the end of month. Ideally you should set it to total data divided by 30. It also sends alerts on data usage so that you use internet wisely and do not exceed monthly data usage.

How to find Airtel broadband data usage? How to find out how much data is left in Airtel broadband account before expiry?

Airtel Smartbytes has answers to all these questions. You can access Smartbytes service page on Airtel website by visiting URL from computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Airtel Smartbytes is only accessible if you have Airtel broadband connection. If you have different broadband service provide like BSNL, ACT, Hathway etc, this page will show error. You can check data usage of Airtel broadband, 3G and 4G LTE account.

smartbytes airtel boradband data usage check

Smartbytes comes as really handy utility to keep track of broadband data usage.

Tip: If you are setting daily usage limit, do not forget to remove it before downloading a big file or watching a an HD movie. You do want to get annoyed with data limit restriction while you doing some work online.

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