Best Wooden Gymnastic Rings 2024 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right wooden gymnastic rings to suit your needs. We review the 10 best wooden gymnastic rings on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good wooden gymnastic rings, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching wooden gymnastic rings.

You don't have to try out every wooden gymnastic rings to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best wooden gymnastic rings to be PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings Wooden Olympic Rings 1500/1000lbs with Adjustable Cam Buckle 14.76ft Long Straps with Scale Non-Slip Gym Rings for Home Gym Full Body Workout. There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is GHB Gymnastic Rings Wooden Gym Rings 1.25" Olympic Rings Adjustable Numbered Straps Pull Up Rings Sets for Workout Bodyweight Fitness Training.

Choosing the wooden gymnastic rings can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated wooden gymnastic rings. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Wooden Gymnastic Rings

Review of Best Wooden Gymnastic Rings

1. PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings Wooden Olympic Rings 1500/1000lbs with Adjustable Cam Buckle 14.76ft Long Straps with Scale Non-Slip Gym Rings for Home Gym Full Body Workout

  • 【1500lbs Capacity】The 32mm thick exercises gymnastic rings are made of birch wood, which is a natural material used for making premium sports gear. The pull up rings have great weight capacity up to 1500lbs/680kg, secure and durable.
  • 【Wider Adjustable Straps】Our 1.5 inches/3.8cm straps are wider than the competition, so they are safer and more durable. The adjustable straps with scale ensure that the training rings are always at the same height. The little touch fasteners we provide help you tidy up the strap ends so they don’t get in your way during the exercise.
  • 【Stronger Buckles】The interior of the cam buckles has a serrated contact surface, so their biting force is stronger and safer. With the buckles, you can easily and freely adjust the rings’ height on the long straps (14.76 ft each).
  • 【Extra Non-slip Hand Tapes】PACEARTH gymnastic rings provide 2 rolls of blue hand tapes, which feature sweat absorption, comfort and anti-dust. Please kindly note that the extra blue hand tapes are consumables, and need to be replaced regularly according to your frequency of use.
  • 【Versatile Uses】The gym rings are perfect exercisers for students, office workers, the elderly, etc. for home and gym use. They facilitate full body workout and muscle building, including pull ups, rows, dips, L-sits, push-ups, flies, etc. Ring thickness: 1.26”; Inside diameter: 7.04”.

2. GHB Gymnastic Rings Wooden Gym Rings 1.25" Olympic Rings Adjustable Numbered Straps Pull Up Rings Sets for Workout Bodyweight Fitness Training

  • (Ultra-high Load-bearing Performance 1.25" Olympic Rings) The exercises gymnastic rings are made of birch wooden 1.25", which is wide for comfortable grip,better than previous 1.1". GHB pull up rings have great load-bearing capacity , which is secure and stronger.
  • (Easier Safter Installation Carabiners Lockable for Dual Protection) this gym rings set can fast and secure set-up by simply clipping the carabiners to the numbered loops.The others gym rings set require complicated and precise steps for buckle installation to ensure the safe use.
  • (Double layered Numbered Straps Gymnastic Rings) Double layered number straps provide a tighter and perfect height symmetry. And it has premium quality ultra-convenient 1.5” strong straps.
  • (Include Door Anchor, Foot Straps More Workout Options) GHB gymnastics rings set includes a door attachment that your exercise rings to attach to a solid door. Foot straps allow the lower body to engage in Abdominal training and core workout.
  • (Grip Tape for Training,Carry Bag Easy to Store Gym Rings Set) The grip tape helps you grip the ring more easily.The pull up ring set comes with carry bag for your daily use.This Gymnatic rings can be use for pull up and muscle training. Perfect for different place and people.

3. HMART Wooden Gymnastic Rings 1600Ibs Capacity with Loop Bands – 15ft Woven Adjustable Numbered Straps Anti-Slip Sweat-Absorbent Hand Tape – Pull Up Rings for Home Outdoor Exercise Gym Rings

  • 1600lbs Capacity: The 32mm thick exercise gymnastics rings are made of birch wood, Our Olympic rings with adjustable straps have a tremendous load-bearing capacity of Tested 1600lbs/725kg, which is safer and durable
  • Support and Stability: Our 1.5 inch /3.8cm straps offer more support and stability than others, especially when doing exercises such as dips and muscle- ups due to the more extensive area of support for your arms to press against. Our workout rings come especially handy when you're new to ring training, and there is a lot of shaking going on
  • Surprisingly versatile: Our calisthenics rings can be attached pretty much anywhere. Hang them from the ceiling, a pullup bar, steel beam, tree branch - wherever you find yourself. You can adjust the height with the help of a woven scale on adjustable straps to perform both push and pull exercises. Also, have them at different sizes to challenge yourself to unique workouts
  • Bang for your buck: Our Wooden gymnastic rings integrate strength and coordination training in a way that's much harder to achieve with other equipment instability of the rings along with the combination of movements can be an entirely different demonstration of strength. It gives you a lot of bang for your buck concerning training time
  • It's Easier on Your Joints: The difference between gym rings training and stationary bars training is that you can move freely on them. In turn, you'll be able to adapt to more natural positions and avoid overloading your ligaments and tendons. The ability to switch your grip and position also prevents shoulder pain and leads to a more effective workout

4. Gymnastics Rings Olympic Rings Wooden Gym Rings 1500lbs with Adjustable Cam Buckle 14.8ft Long Straps with Scale Non-Slip Exercise Rings Training Rings for Home Gym Full Body Workout

  • 【Ensure The Safety】This 32mm thick exercise gymnastics rings are made of birch wood, Our Olympic rings with adjustable straps have a tremendous load-bearing capacity of Tested 1500Ibs/680kg, which is safer and durable.
  • 【15.74ft Length Adjustable with Numbers】The gymnastic ring straps are 15ft long and 1.5in wide, which allows easy installation and symmetry with the numbers on both straps.The numbers help to adjust height quickly even during the gym rings workout, save your time and no troubles.
  • 【Secure Buckle】Our upgraded secure serrated buckles provide super strong biting forces with the interior adopts serrated contact surface.Let the workout more safe and sturdy.
  • 【Non-slip Hand Tapes】Combined with the anti-slip tape, you can work out with peace of mind. Our rings exercise provide both blue hand tapes,which add to the grip of the rings so that you use them more swimmingly.The blue hand tapes and black stickers both make sure the hand tapes will not come off the rings easily. These additional hand tapes are kindly prepared for those whose hands can easily get sweaty.
  • 【Surprisingly versatile】Our calisthenics rings can be attached pretty much anywhere. Hang them from the ceiling, a pullup bar, steel beam, tree branch – wherever you find yourself. You can adjust the height with the help of a woven scale on adjustable straps to perform both push and pull exercises. Also, have them at different sizes to challenge yourself to unique workouts.

5. NEXPRO Wood Gymnastic Ring Olympic Strength Training Gym Rings Wooden

  • Creates fun, athletic challenge; advanced design for added stability
  • The highest quality wooden ring on the market
  • Supports such exercises as push-ups, iron cross, dips, pull-ups, and more
  • 2 Rings & Straps with buckles that are 15 FT
  • "SLIPPERY STRAP ISSUE": In order to properly secure the strap, the strap must inserted through the bottom opening of the buckle to prevent slipping. Please see product images

6. LIFERUN Gymnastics Rings, Olympic Rings Wooden 1100lbs with Adjustable Metal Buckle 16.7ft Long Straps, Pull Up Rings Workout Rings for Home Gym(Black)

  • ★16.7ft STRAPS: 16.7 feet long & 1.26 inch wide thick nylon Straps. The 16.7 foot straps mean you can hang your wood gymnastics rings from beams, trees, and hundreds of other places.
  • ★EASY TO SET UP: Straps and buckles included - Easy to set up, use, and adjust, a great home gym substitute for body exercise in no time.
  • ★BEST FOR GRIP: Diameter: 9.25 inches, Inside diameter: 7.09 inches, Ring thickness: 1.26 inches. Our exercise rings come with black hand straps that increase the grip of the rings, making it easier for you to use them. These thoughtful designs are for those whose hands tend to get sweaty.
  • ★1100 LBS CAPACITY: Premium birch wood rings with heavy duty nylon straps and metal buckle, withstand up to 1100lbs (500kg). Length markings on the strap help you adjust the right height easily.
  • ★MULTIPLE USE: Our Olympic rings allow for a full body workout, targeting all muscle groups and improving strength, stability, and coordination.

7. Double Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings 1.25 Inch, with Quick Adjust Numbered Straps and Exercise Videos Guide for Full Body Workout, Crossfit, and Home Gym

  • [ Premium Quality Construction ] The Double Circle 1.25” CrossFit compatible rings are crafted to perfection with the best quality wood so they can be incredibly strong and durable. And unlike the usual plastic ones, the wooden rings are completely non-slip so you can have a strong and comfortable grip at all times.
  • [ Ultra Convenient Straps ] Our Olympic rings are very easy to install and they have premium quality ultra-convenient 1.5” strong straps.The straps comes complete with 4 extra strong carabiners instead of the regular cam buckles.The carabiners and the numbered hook system allows for 4" adjustments; this allows for exacted lengths, preventing the need for minute adjustments.
  • [ Never Miss A Workout ] Forget about having to go to the gym for your workout and wasting money on expensive gym memberships. You can now get a killer workout at home and wherever you go with the Double Circle athletic rings. The wooden rings are very compact and lightweight and they come with a convenient travel case, so you can easily carry them!
  • [ Get Fit Fast ] And because we want to help you get your dream body fast, we give you with every set an amazing exercise videos guide and Ebook for free! This unique online video guide is packed with incredible exercises using our wooden gymnastic rings for your upper and lower body so you can get the muscular body you desire! Simply follow the printed instructions found inside the product box, to access the web-based exercises page.
  • [ Order With Confidence ] Your satisfaction is our top priority and this is why we strive to provide you with the best products and service. So if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our gym rings, we will give you a full refund or a free replacement with no questions asked!

8. Built-In-Battle Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Adjustable Straps, 15ft Long, Numbered Straps- Olympics Gymnastics Rings 32mm/1.25' 1500lbs- Bodyweight Fitness Rings Calisthenics Equipment for Home Gym

  • 🌟 Thicker and Softer Rings - Professionally sanded birch rings ensure a comfortable grip with a gentle and sturdy support, protecting your hands from calluses. These gym rings with straps offer an ergonomic 32mm/1.25-inch thickness, perfect for all hand sizes, reducing finger strain and ensuring a safe and enjoyable workout experience!
  • 💪 Impressive 1500lbs Weight Capacity - With an astounding weight capacity of 1500lbs, these wooden rings gymnastics can securely support users of all fitness levels, making them suitable for bodyweight exercises or even those seeking additional weighted workout challenges!
  • 🔗 Hyper-Adjustable Straps with Heavy-Duty Carabiner - The calisthenics rings feature hyper-adjustable straps that make it incredibly easy to customize the ring height to match your specific exercise requirements. Plus, the heavy-duty carabiner ensures that the rings remain securely fastened, giving you peace of mind as you focus on your fitness journey!
  • 🎒 FREE Carrying Bag - Stay motivated on your fitness journey with our branded Nylon carrying bag, perfectly sized to fit the workout rings with straps. Carry your gym with you and stay active anywhere, anytime!
  • 😊 Versatile Equipment & Great Investment - The Built-In-Battle Workout Rings for Men are a versatile piece of equipment that builds muscle, boosts strength, and enhances overall athleticism. Save money on monthly gym fees while enjoying a comprehensive workout experience!

9. Double Circle 1.25 Inch Wood Gymnastics Rings for Bodyweight Training - Home Gym Workouts and Olympic Exercises - Slip Resistant Grip Strength - 32mm (Rings Only)

  • Versatile Gymnastics Rings: Perfect for beginner gymnastics, CrossFit compatible, stretching, calisthenics, and various bodyweight exercises like dips, rows, and pushups.
  • Enhanced Grip Strength: Superior to plastic, the wooden texture ensures a non-slip grip, absorbs moisture, and reduces blisters, minimizing the need for chalk.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted for longevity, these hanging rings withstand regular use in intense gymnastics and training, offering enduring quality.
  • Exclusive Exercise Video Guide: Includes an accessible, step-by-step web-based video guide, enhancing your fitness routine and optimizing ring use for effective upper body and core workouts. Access instructions inside the product box.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Our Double Circle wood exercise training rings come with a reliable replacement or refund policy for complete satisfaction. Contact us for any queries or support.

10. Gonex Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Adjustable Number Straps, Olympic Rings for Gym, Workout, Exercise, Outdoor Training, Quick Install Carabiner, 8.5 ft Straps Pull Up Non-Slip Rings

  • 【Quick Install Carabiner】 Are you bothered by the Complicated Carabiner Interlocking?Are you at a loss for Complex Carabiner Steps? Choose Gonex! Our Quick Carabiner is designed for quick and easy use. No need to assemble the strap by yourself. No need to bother with tedious steps. The Quick Install Carabiner allows you to change the length of the Heavy-duty Strap in two seconds.
  • 【Safe Double Layers Straps with Printed Digital】 Gonex Gymnastic Rings have Double Layers Straps to ensure Super Security. 1.37IN X 8.5 FT Double High strength polyester straps are printed with Arabic numerals for hassle-free strap length adjustment. No need to adjust the length by your eyes. No need to adjust repeatedly. You can adjust both straps to the same height very easily and quickly.
  • 【Wood Gymnastic Ring】 Gonex Gymnastic Rings is made of 1.25” THICKNESS Wooden Rings, more durable and safe than PC or ABS plastic rings, will not appear easy to break, in line with the majority of consumers purchase choice.
  • 【Easy Installation】 As shown in the instruction, it’s very clear and easy to install the Gymnastic Rings. Attention: 1) To fix it more stable, please tear the black sticker and wrap around the end side with it again. 2) For your safety and outstanding performance, we strongly remind you to lock the carabiner properly before training.
  • 【Suitable for Family, Gym, Outdoor Courtyard】 Gymnastics rings are the most effective strengthening tool to train your Pectorals, abdominals, psoas. It’s a main content of physical and strength training. Gonex Gymnastic rings can be installed in homes, gyms and outdoor courtyards where they can be hung and supported.

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