Best VPN for Kodi 2019

What is Kodi?

In a time in which digital media is becoming more prominent, chances are you have heard of Kodi. But what exactly is it? Essentially, Kodi is a tool that helps bring all your content together in one place and spread across your numerous devices. It is already quite well-known among the more tech-savvy individuals on the Internet, and as the appeal of home media centers continues to grow, Kodi’s popularity is bound to grow among more mainstream viewers.

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Should You Utilize a Kodi VPN Service?

For users who are new to Kodi and geo-restrictions, a Kodi VPN allows you to change your IP (Internet Protocol) address in order to unlock geo-restricted Kodi add-ons. As an example, certain channels such as ABC and CBS are not available outside of the United States. A VPN allows you to access these channels even if you are outside of the US.

VPNs are also used for things outside of geo-restrictions. They are also capable of masking your internet activities by encrypting the data passing through your device. This is quite useful if you plan to perform any type of torrent streaming.

As a quick recap, here are the main reasons you should use a Kodi VPN:

  • Unlock geo-restricted channels and add-ons
  • Secure ALL music (check out song music identifier apps, tools) and movie video streaming activities
  • Secure torrent streaming
  • Improve gaming speeds of games on Kodi

The Best Kodi VPN

When selecting a VPN for Kodi, it is important to look at several factors. A good VPN will offer a large server network, premium tunneling protocols, as well as user-friendly software.

Server Networks

A good VPN should have an array of servers to choose from. With a network established across multiple countries, you ensure you will have access to all geo-restricted channels.

Tunneling Protocols

For a VPN on Kodi to deliver high-speed streaming, you must have an excellent tunneling protocol. For those who do not know, a tunneling protocol establishes the security and data encryption rules for a VPN. In other words, the speed at which data is transferred is dependent on this aspect.


The best VPNs typically utilize leading-edge software and apps. Advanced software allows for easy configuration of the Kodi VPN on all your devices. If you are new to VPNs, look for software that is easy to use and setup.

List of Best Kodi VPN


When it comes to Kodi VPNs, PureVPN is among the best. Offering one of the largest server networks in the world, PureVPN allows the user to access any Kodi add-on using one of their many servers. One of PureVPN’s major advantages is the ability to utilize the OpenVPN add-on. In other words, you can setup PureVPN directly onto Kodi. This is a feature many VPNs do not offer.

During our extensive testing on desktop pc and mini laptop, we found the overall experience to be very good. We did not encounter any buffering delays or IP leakages. Overall, we were quite happy with PureVPN’s performance.


Next on our list is NordVPN. Although not quite as popular as PureVPN, NordVPN still proves to be an excellent option. Offering a wide server range, NordVPN shouldn’t have any problem bypassing any geo-restrictions. Throughout our testing of NordVPN, we never experienced any major issues. This VPN had no issues unblocking several streaming add-ons, as well as keeping our identity secure.

One of NordVPN’s biggest draws is its Double VPN and P2P support. For those individuals who are familiar with BitTorrent protocol, you understand the risk of DMCA fines and notices. If you are utilizing NordVPN’s Double VPN feature, you will not have to worry about the DMCA.


PrivateVPN is the new kid on the block. However, despite being relatively new to the VPN industry, PrivateVPN offers several attractive features. One of the standout features of this VPN is its user-friendly software and app. If you are new to VPNs, PrivateVPN may prove to be the perfect gateway.

More importantly, PrivateVPN is the cheapest Kodi VPN available. Furthermore, if you are looking for an economical VPN that still offers you the privacy of more expensive options, PrivateVPN may be worth considering.

While running NordVPN in the background, we did not encounter any issues. Overall, we were quite happy the quality of this VPN.


ExpressVPN is by far the leading VPN in the industry. With an array of premium features suited to secure and protect your identity, this VPN is nothing short of outstanding.

In addition to a massive server network, ExpressVPN also offers compatible software and applications for all devices and routers. However, with that said, it is important to note ExpressVPN has a steep price point. But if prices are not a big issue for you, we highly recommend considering ExpressVPN for Kodi.

As you might expect, ExpressVPN was nothing short of phenomenal during our testing. The quality of our streaming was high, and we never experienced any IP breakages.

Ivacy VPN

To finish off our list, we’ll take a look at another pricy VPN. Like ExpressVPN, Ivacy VPN has a high price point. However, Ivacy offers extensive guides and tutorials for Kodi. These tutorials may prove to be quite useful if you are new to VPNs. Ivacy VPN is also one of the few VPNs to offer compatibility on Kodi

With all of that said, Ivacy VPN is worth considering if you are not sure on how to setup a VPN. However, if you are a more experienced user, you may want to look at one of the cheaper options.

During our testing, we did encounter some variability in certain server locations such as the United Kingdom. Despite that, we were still quite satisfied with Ivacy’s performance.


Kodi is the ultimate destination for unlimited on-demand streaming. Its user-friendly interface and software have continued to make it more prominent over the years. However, in order to remove certain geo-restrictions placed on certain channels and ensure your privacy and data are secure, you will need to utilize a VPN.

Hopefully, you will find one that best suits your needs on our list.

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