Best Keyboard For Arthritis 2024 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right keyboard for arthritis to suit your needs. We review the 10 best keyboard for arthritis on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good keyboard for arthritis, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching keyboard for arthritis.

You don't have to try out every keyboard for arthritis to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best keyboard for arthritis to be Logitech Wave Keys Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard with Cushioned Palm Rest, Comfortable Natural Typing, Easy-Switch, Bluetooth, Logi Bolt Receiver, for Multi-OS, Windows/Mac - Off White. There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is Arteck Split Ergonomic Keyboard with Cushioned Wrist and Palm Rest, 2.4G USB Wireless Comfortable Natural Ergonomic Split Keyboard, for Windows Computer Desktop Laptop.

Choosing the keyboard for arthritis can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated keyboard for arthritis. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Keyboard For Arthritis

Review of Best Keyboard For Arthritis

1. Logitech Wave Keys Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard with Cushioned Palm Rest, Comfortable Natural Typing, Easy-Switch, Bluetooth, Logi Bolt Receiver, for Multi-OS, Windows/Mac - Off White

  • Compact keys: Wave Keys’ compact size allows you to bring your mouse closer to your body, resulting in a more natural shoulder position compared to a full size keyboard
  • Type in comfort all day long: The wavy design of this compact keyboard places your hands, wrists and forearms in a natural typing position
  • More palm support, less pressure: A cushioned palm rest with memory foam supports you all day long and gives you more wrist support (1)
  • Smoother days, your way: Personalize your Wave Keys experience using the Logi Options+ App, where you can choose shortcuts that save time and keep your work flowing (2)
  • Ergo-certified: The Wave Keys Ergonomic Keyboard has been designed and tested according to criteria set out by leading ergonomists and is approved by United States Ergonomics

2. Arteck Split Ergonomic Keyboard with Cushioned Wrist and Palm Rest, 2.4G USB Wireless Comfortable Natural Ergonomic Split Keyboard, for Windows Computer Desktop Laptop

  • Split Design Ergonomic: Split design helps to position wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position.
  • Wrist Rest: Soft cushioned wrist rest helps you to rest your wrist and forearm while typing and makes work easier and more comfortable.
  • Easy Setup: Simply insert the nano USB receiver into your computer and use the keyboard instantly.
  • 6-Month Battery Life: Rechargeable lithium battery with an industry-high capacity lasts for 6 months with single charge (based on 2 hours non-stop use per day).
  • Package contents: Arteck Split Ergonomic Keyboard, nano USB receiver, USB-C charging cable, welcome guide, our 24-month warranty and friendly customer service.

3. Nulea RT02 Ergonomic Keyboard, Wired Split Keyboard with Pillowed Wrist and Palm Support, Featuring Dual USB Ports, Natural Typing Keyboard for Carpal Tunnel, Compatible with Windows/Mac

  • Split, Splayed and Tented Design: Are you suffering from joint and muscle discomfort from unnatural typing positions? Nulea split keyboard promotes natural arm and hand position while typing. The splayed layout keeps hands in line with shoulders. You can type more naturally to reduce muscle strain on your wrists and forearms.
  • Pillowed Palm Rest: Are your palms bending or dangling while you are typing? If yes, it may cause pain in the palm and wrist after longtime workload. To reduce median nerve pressure and minimize tensions on the forearm, this ergonomic split keyboard integrated a palm rest with a large surface (skin-touching feeling PU leather) and memory foam. This considerate design supports your palm and wrist well and boosts a more relaxed typing angle.
  • Adjustable Palm Lift: We all know sedentary is not good for our health. Alternate sitting and standing while working are more and more popular. To keep wrists in a natural status for different postures, this Ergonomic keyboard features 4 foldable tilt legs. You can adjust the keyboard tilt angle by setting up the front, back, or both-side legs. More wrist support, Less wrist bending.
  • Built-in 2 USB Ports: Have you ever encountered the situation of insufficient USB connector? Two extra USB ports are equipped with the wired ergonomic keyboard for connecting or charging your mouse, headphone, or other extended devices. It can also transfer data, applicable to portable external hard drive. No need to prepare an external USB hub.
  • More Efficient and Comfortable: Features 107 keys with 17 multimedia shortcut keys, a numeric keypad, and LED indicator lights, compatible with windows/mac. The full-size ergonomic keyboard promotes responsiveness for a tactile and comfortable typing feeling. Nulea ergonomic split keyboard will make your work more efficient.

4. MEETION Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Ergo Keyboard with Vertical Mouse, Split Keyboard Cushioned Wrist Palm Rest Natural Typing Rechargeable Full Size, Windows/Mac/Computer/Laptop,Purple

  • 【DIRECTOR-C SPLIT KETBOARD】Designed to minimize strain and discomfort in your hands, wrists, and arms, this keyboard is split into two halves, allowing each hand to type at a comfortable angle and distance, so you can say goodbye to excessive reaching and twisting. Please note: The USB-C is not a receiver and cannot be used on its own, it is an adapter that needs to be plugged into a USB-A receiver in order to work.
  • 【STANDARD ERGONOMIC AND FULL SIZE LAYOUT】Designed with a concave curve, which conforms to the natural shape of the hands and fingers, reducing strain and fatigue. In addition, each key is slightly angled to promote a more natural typing motion and further alleviate stress on your fingers, hands, and wrists.
  • 【PILLOWED WRIST REST】Featured a pillowed palm rest, providing support and comfort for the hands and wrists. Made of a soft, non-slip material, preventing slippage and enhancing stability during typing. It reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders associated with prolonged keyboard use.
  • 【VERTICAL ERGONOMIC MOUSE】Unique vertical design offers optimal ergonomics, with adjustable DPI settings (800/1200/1800/2400)to suit various tasks and preferences, ensuring accuracy and speed when needed, a silent switch, and a side-scrolling wheel, catering to all your needs.
  • 【RECHARGEABLE AND LONG LASTING】 Featuring a 500mAh and 400mAh rechargeable battery in both the keyboard and mouse, providing long-lasting performance for extended use. The battery holds power for up to 4-5 months of usage on a single full charge. You can focus on work and worry less about charging.

5. Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Qwerty Keyboard - Split Keyboard, Wrist Rest, Natural Typing, Stain-Resistant Fabric, Bluetooth and USB Connectivity, Compatible with Windows/Mac,Black

  • Wireless range:10 m (33-ft) wireless range
  • Improved Typing Posture: Type more naturally with a curved, split keyframe and reduce muscle strain on your wrists and forearms thanks to the sloping keyboard design
  • Pillowed Wrist Rest: Curved wrist rest with memory foam layer offers typing comfort with 54 per cent more wrist support; 25 per cent less wrist bending compared to standard keyboard without palm rest
  • Perfect Stroke Keys: Scooped keys match the shape of your fingertips so you can type with confidence on a wireless keyboard crafted for comfort, precision and fluidity
  • Adjustable Palm Lift: Whether seated or standing, keep your wrists in total comfort and a natural typing posture with ergonomically-designed tilt legs of 0, -4 and -7 degrees

6. MEETION Ergonomic Keyboard, Split Wireless Keyboard with Cushioned Wrist, Palm Rest, Curved, Natural Typing Full Size Rechargeable Keyboard with USB-C Adapter for PC/Computer/Laptop/Windows/Mac, Black

  • 【ENHANCED ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 2023 New Upgrade Director-W meticulously crafted ergonomic keyboard features a curved, split-key design, adhering to a standard full-size layout. This design promotes a natural and comfortable typing position, effectively eliminating wrist strain and providing a healthier typing experience.
  • 【MEMORY FOAM WRIST REST】 Indulge in ultimate comfort with the integrated memory foam wrist rest. It offers optimal support and cushioning for your wrists, reducing fatigue and minimizing the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) during extended typing sessions.
  • 【RECHARGEABLE FOR LONGEVIYT】 2023 New Upgrade Director-W keyboard incorporates a built-in rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. Enjoy extended usage on a single charge, and effortlessly recharge via the included USB cable.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE TILT LEGS FOR PERSONLIZED COMFORT】 Equipped with four adjustable feet, the keyboard allows you to find your ideal typing angle and height, tailored to your individual ergonomic needs. Customize your setup to achieve optimal comfort and productivity.
  • 【USB-A WIRELESS 2.4G CONNECTION】 Experience the convenience of wireless setup through our 2.4G wireless connection. Simply plug in the USB receiver and enjoy stable and responsive connectivity, granting you freedom of movement and a clutter-free workspace.

7. Doctor Developed Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Mouse & Keyboard and Perfect for Good Wrist Health, Posture & Joint Conditions by Dr Arthritis - Blue

  • Developed by Medical Doctors: Designed specifically for user comfort to help you complete computer related tasks without exacerbating joint pain. It’s ergonomically designed to minimize the amount of gripping that the hand and fingers have to do to operate the mouse securely, thus reducing the dexterity required to operate a mouse by alleviating pressure on your wrist and maximizing the functionality of your hands
  • Doctor Written Handbook Included: For your complete guide about carpal tunnel syndrome, Arthritis, Tendonitis and treatment options, exercise, training, that can push the strength and function of your wrist to prevent injury and aid sprain
  • Excellent Customer Service: With all questions answered within 24 hours by a team that includes medical doctors, we offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee so you can purchase confidently knowing you'll get any support you need
  • Durable and Comfy Material: The Dr. Arthritis ergonomic wrist rest is made from comfortable and sturdy memory foam that offers ample and ergonomic support for your wrist. The material, made from soft, breathable fabric with a non-skid rubber underside allows you to comfortably use your mouse and keyboard for longer hours
  • Designed for User Comfort: Our product can help improve wrist and hand posture, minimize joint pain and problems, reduce shoulder and elbow tension due to prolonged computer use. Best suited for OA, RA, and other seronegative arthropathies, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Soft Tissue and Sports Related Injuries, Post Exertion Recovery

8. MEETION New Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse, Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse with Wrist Rest, 3 DPI Adjustable Full-Sized Cordless Split Keyboard and Mouse, for PC/Computer/Laptop/Window, Pink

  • 【UNCOMPROMISING ERGONOMIC DESIGN】Director-B keyboard and mouse combo is meticulously engineered to prioritize your well-being and performance. Impeccably designed with integrated wrist rests and a contoured base, it promotes the ideal wrist and forearm positioning, effectively reducing fatigue and discomfort during prolonged work sessions.
  • 【SEAMLESS MULTI-CHANNEL CONNECTIVITY】Empowered by a cutting-edge connectivity architecture, this combo seamlessly integrates 1x 2.4G channel and 2x Bluetooth channels. Effortlessly switch between devices – be it your computer, laptop, or Mac – to ensure uninterrupted productivity and a fluid workflow. Please note: The USB-C is not a receiver and cannot be used on its own, it is an adapter that needs to be plugged into a USB-A receiver in order to work.
  • 【VERTICAL MOUSE】Departing from the conventional, our vertical mouse reimagines precision. It combines a natural palm orientation with precision-driven functionality, diminishing hand strain while elevating your accuracy to new levels, making it the ultimate choice for intricate tasks.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE DPI MASTERY】Tailor your cursor control to perfection with adjustable DPI settings supporting 800, 1200, and 1600. Whether you're engaged in content creation, data analysis, or design work, expect unparalleled precision.
  • 【CONVENIENT RECHARGEABLE MANAGEMENT】Bid farewell to the hassle of frequent battery replacements. Both the keyboard and mouse boast advanced lithium-ion batteries, offering enduring power. With a 300mA battery for the keyboard and a 400mA battery for the mouse, recharging is simple, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

9. Perixx Periboard-612B Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard with Dual Mode 2.4G and Bluetooth Feature, Compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS X System, Black, US English Layout

  • ERGONOMIC SPLIT-KEY DESIGN: Integrated palm rest supports your wrists, releases median nerve pressure and reduces forearm tension; Natural arm and hand position while typing minimize chances of RSI, and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • WIRELESS 2. 4 GHZ AND BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Switch between two connection options at the bottom of the keyboard; nano receiver is stored safely in the compartment at the bottom of the keyboard
  • DUAL OPERATING SYSTEM: Compatible with Mac and Windows including shortcuts and function keys; 4 additional switchable keys for Mac of Windows key layout and a key puller is also provided in the box
  • TACTILE RESPONSIVE KEYS: with long travel distance that gives a satisfying typing feeling and decreases mistyping

10. Nulea RT05B Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard, Split Keyboard with Cushioned Wrist Rest, Bluetooth and USB Connectivity, USB-C Rechargeable, Compatible with Windows/Mac

  • 【Ergonomic Split Design】Embrace a more natural typing posture with Nulea ergonomic keyboard’s unique split design. It adapts to the natural alignment of your hands, ensuring comfort and reducing strain during long typing sessions.
  • 【Seamless Dual-Mode Connectivity】Enjoy the flexibility of smooth transitions between devices with our dual-mode (Bluetooth & 2.4G) wireless ergonomic keyboard. Whether you’re at work or play, easily switch between different devices for a streamlined experience.
  • 【Rechargeable for Uninterrupted Work】Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly replacing batteries! This ergonomic wireless keyboard boasts an impressive 200-hour battery life, ensuring you stay productive and uninterrupted.
  • 【Luxurious Wrist Support】Experience the pinnacle of comfort with our keyboard’s oversized wrist rest, crafted with a soft, skin-friendly leatherette design. It provides ample support to your wrists, helping prevent fatigue and strain.
  • 【Adjustable Tilt for Optimal Comfort】Customize your typing angle with ease! This keyboard features adjustable support tilts, offering three different angles to suit your personal preference and ensure ergonomic alignment.

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