12 Best iPhone 11 Pro Clear Cases

Now that you have your iPhone 11  Prowith you, the next step is to protect it with a case. One of the best options available is clear cases. These cases come with various features and cover your iPhone from all kinds of dings and dents. Let us have a look at some of the best ones that you can shop for.

1. Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

You can protect your new iPhone 11 Pro without adding any weight with Spigen Liquid Crystal Case. It is slim and form-fitted; it also provides you with a comfortable grip and access to all buttons, speakers, ports, and other functions.

Lifted edges over the camera provide excellent camera protection from scratches. Raised along the edges, keep the case flat, and offer screen protection. 0.12-inch added depth protects your iPhone 11 Pro from drops, falls, and surface scratches. It prevents your phone from sudden falls, bumps, and when you place it face-down, it keeps your screen guarded.

Made of flexible TPU material, the clear case features shock-absorption and provides easy application. The case supports wireless charging. It means even when the case is on, you can charge your iPhone.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

2. FlexGear iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

Get everything you must for 360-degree protection to your iPhone 11 Pro in one kit. FlexGear case for iPhone 11 Pro is not only protective but also clear and slim to keep the original beauty of your iPhone without adding extra weight.

FlexGear Hybrid case is built from a TPU bumper that offers and a crystal-clear view. It is entirely scratch-resistant. Its high-quality material protects your phone from sudden shocks. The anti-bump frame is shock-absorbing, preventing your phone from shocks and scratches.

It has the raised bezels lift camera and screen off flat surfaces for complete protection. Apart from the clear case, the package includes glass screen protectors, an alignment tool, and a trouble-free installation kit.

The presence of air cushions in bumper corners offers extra shock protection to your iPhone 11 Pro. When laid on a flat surface, four small feet of the phone case protects your iPhone11 from scratches. Also, there is no bothersome text or logo to cramp the style of your iPhone.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

3. MILPROX Crystal Clear iPhone 11 Pro Case

This is one of the best clear cases for the iPhone 11. This case is a combination of ultra-clear PC back, and anti-yellowing body that protects your iPhone 11 Pro from drops, bumps, and dirt. The inside protective softback is rounded in a vertical-stripes pattern to offer better grip and effectively absorb shocks.

The crystal-clear case features a shockproof space cushion that provides strong protection against bumps, dirt, and shock. Flex Press feature prevents the volume button of your phone against scratches. Additionally, it allows you to get the original pressing feeling with your iPhone 11 Pro.

1.5mm lifted edges provide an unparalleled screen and camera protection. Open and precise cut-outs make it convenient to use earphones or charge your phone. Moreover, the case supports wireless charging so that you don’t have trouble removing the case for charging.

The case is crystal clear and provides an excellent grip along with adequate protection. Without worrying about accidental falls and drops, you can conveniently showcase your iPhone 11 Pro.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

4. Totallee Clear iPhone 11 Pro Case

Covering every corner of your iPhone 11 Pro, Totallee transparent case offers desired protection to your phone. The clear, durable, and flexible TPU material of the case is entirely see-through to show off your iPhone 11 Pro while protecting it.

The case is well-designed to offer everyday protection from scratches, dust, bumps, and falls. It also features a raised part around the camera to protect the lens in case of a fall on the backside. A hardly visible, subtle microdot pattern prevents the clear case from sticking to the glass back making of your iPhone. It prevents your iPhone from getting ugly watermark effects.

At only 0.3-inches, Totallee is the thinnest clear case that you can find for your iPhone 11 Pro. It means that the case will not add any bulk to your iPhone and hold its original aesthetic. Without distracting patterns or logos, the clear case allows you to keep your iPhone’s authentic look.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

5. SURITCH iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

A built-in screen protector offered on the front side of this case provides full access to your iPhone screen. It has good sensitivity that rapidly recognizes your typing. The back cover, made of transparent tempered glass material, has high toughness. 9H tempered glass has adequate strength to prevent your iPhone 11 Pro from daily scratches and bumps.

It features soft shock-absorbing TPU material that offers the most impactful protection. The case adopts unique electroplating technology that brings a distinctive beauty. It helps in improving the wear resistance of your phone protective case and prevents it from fading.

The unique embedded layer design makes your iPhone dual-layer case perfectly fit the phone screen. It reduces scratch due to the excessive gap between the phone and case, plus it offers better drop resistance. It can make your phone feel light while holding in hand.

SURITCH has various styles with elegant color options. You can pick a design that suits you and displays your iPhone 11 Pro’s original beauty. Raised lips of the case provide the ultimate screen and camera protection.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

6. Humixx Stronghold Clear iPhone 11 Pro Case

Certified with military-grade, and tested by different drops, Humixx Stronghold Clear Case provides tough impact protection to your iPhone 11 Pro. Made from shock-absorbing Non-Newtonian PolyOne GLS material, it provides the thinnest and advanced security.

The unique PolyOne molecular structure can absorb nearly seven times the shock. The internal PolyOne material and soft exterior shell offer dual-layer protection to your iPhone 11 Pro. The detailed and accurate cut design allows you to use phone buttons and other ports unhindered.

The bigger cut-out is suitable for most charging cables and makes you feel more sensitive while using the iPhone. The case has a soft-touch finish that feels comfortable in your hand. Strength and sophistication are highly combined to keep your iPhone safe and protected.

This clear case provides complete protection to your iPhone. It is raised 1.5mm from the screen edges and 1.2mm from the camera edges. It not only protects your phone but also lets you show the original look of your phone.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

7. ESR Air Armor iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

The perfect combination of hard PC back, flexible and durable TPU material frame, and shock-absorbing air-guard corners perfectly protect your new iPhone 11 Pro. ESR Air Armor Clear Case resists yellowing and hence offers long-lasting clarity.

Without adding any extra bulk, the case lets you feel lightweight while holding the device in hands. As raised 1mm from the screen and camera edges, it provides an excellent screen and camera protection. The flexible bumper offers a comfortable and secure grip protecting the phone from random falls.

You can showcase the original look of your iPhone 11 Pro with this trendy crystal-clear case. It supports wireless charging and multiple viewing angles. This iPhone case’s rigid backplate is robust enough to withstand everyday bumps, wear, and tear. It keeps your phone looking as good as new.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

8. Dexnor iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

Dexnor iPhone 11 Pro transparent case is stylish and functional for your phone with a simple and straightforward design. Made with lightweight and durable PC and silicone rubber, this case prevents your iPhone from dust, drops, and scratches.

A black-colored rubber around the case absorbs shock, and its prolonged padding protects the vulnerable corners of your phone from impact. This heavy-duty case is lightweight and compatible with wireless charging.

The phone case has an anti-slip texture to reduce the risk of falling by offering a comfortable grip. The responsive design button provides an excellent feeling as well as easy controls. Bumpers in the four corners keep your iPhone safe from dropping and falling from all angles.

Raised edges elevate the camera and screen to prevent tabletop scratches. This case made of high-quality and scratch-resistant material prevents your iPhone from scratches when there is an accidental drop. Moreover, dust-proof plug blocks dust, dirt, and lint from getting into the ports and jacks of your phone.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

9. TENOC iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

Transparent PC back and TPU bumper protect your iPhone 11 Pro from scratches, drops, and accidental falls. TENOC Clear Case is thin slim, and grip-friendly. It provides a secure and comfortable grip reducing the risk of sudden drops from hand and also helps you hold it easily.

This clear case has corner and 0.8mm raised edges for providing ultimate screen and camera protection to your iPhone 11 Pro. Precise cut-outs allow you to effectively use the button, microphone, charging, audio, and other ports of your device.

Four shockproof guard corners of the case absorb shock so that your phone has no damage if it falls suddenly. The case is transparent, which allows you to showcase the original design of your iPhone. Moreover, the case supports wireless charging so that you don’t need to remove the case repeatedly for charging.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

10. Saimly iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

Get shock-absorbing bump protection for your iPhone 11 Pro with X-shock Technology featured by Saimly Clear Case. Made with TPU material frame and PC material back, the case effectively prevents your iPhone from a collision.

The case involves strictly 1:1 open mold production. It means that the case perfectly adapts to three triple cameras and all speakers, buttons, and ports of your iPhone 11 Pro. With 0.9mm higher and 1mm raised lips for camera, this case offers excellent screen and camera protection to your iPhone.

The crystal-clear design of this case makes your iPhone more attractive and stylish. Moreover, the case is lightweight, offering a comfortable grip without adding any extra bulk.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

11. ESR Essential Zero Designed iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

Protect your iPhone 11 Pro from drops and other impacts with air-guard corners featured by ESR Essential Zero Designed Clear Case. It’s only 1.1mm thick and provides the best protection without adding extra bulk.

Yellow resistant TPU material ensures that your iPhone has long-lasting life and complete transparency. It is 0.8mm lifted from screen and camera edges, that gives excellent protection to your iPhone’s screen and camera. It also prevents the screen from rubbing against flat surfaces and getting damaged.

Microdots on the inside of the clear case prevent the wet clinging. It lets your iPhone case look great even after several years of use.

The presence of a flexible TPU frame along with shock-absorbing air-guard corners help to protect your iPhone from damage due to falls. This thin and non-slip clear case allows you to showcase your iPhone with a better look.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

12. BELONGME Clear iPhone 11 Pro Case

The BELONGME protective clear case’s bumper design effectively absorbs shocks from any angle during a fall or drop. The sleek and slim design lets the case easily stay in your hands with zero bulk. The cushion in the four corners of the clear case offers desired protection to your new iPhone 11 Pro.

With the use of this case, you can protect your iPhone 11 Pro screen and camera with 1mm raised screen edge and 3mm lifted camera edge. It is made of soft TPU material, and the case covers your iPhone all around. The anti-slip feature keeps your phone safe from random shocking or dropping.

The ultra-transparent case lets you show off the original beauty of your iPhone. Moreover, this slim case fits your iPhone perfectly for all buttons, speakers, and ports. It supports wireless charging and thus serves as the best option for protecting your iPhone 11 Pro Case with exclusive features.

best iphone 11 pro clear case

These cases have accurate cuts that don’t inhibit your iPhone use, especially the camera while offering extra protection. Regardless of whether you have the old or new iPhone 11 Pro, all these clear cases provide the ultimate protection to your iPhone. The best part is that these cases are slim and lightweight. It means you will have a comfortable grip without worrying about the accidental fall of your precious device. These stylish, protective, and clear cases will let you showcase your iPhone 11 Pro’s original look confidently.

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