Best Digital Hvac Gauges 2024 - Top 10 Picks

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right digital hvac gauges to suit your needs. We review the 10 best digital hvac gauges on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good digital hvac gauges, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching digital hvac gauges.

You don't have to try out every digital hvac gauges to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best digital hvac gauges to be Testo 550s AC Manifold Gauge Set – Manifold Gauges Hvac and Refrigeration – Incl. 2 Wired Temperature Clamp Probes – AC Recharge Kit with superheat, subcooling with Bluetooth. There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is Digital Manifold Gauge Set, Vacuum Pressure Temperature Leakage Tester for Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pumps, HT-750.

Choosing the digital hvac gauges can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated digital hvac gauges. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Digital Hvac Gauges

Review of Best Digital Hvac Gauges

1. Testo 550s AC Manifold Gauge Set – Manifold Gauges Hvac and Refrigeration – Incl. 2 Wired Temperature Clamp Probes – AC Recharge Kit with superheat, subcooling with Bluetooth

  • ACCURATE; The manifold gauge set offers extremely precise readings of temperature and pressure on air conditioning systems, refrigeration, as well as heat pumps
  • INTERFACE; Equipped with a large backlit display and intuitive menu navigation, the AC manifold is particularly easy to use, even in low light conditions, which provides constant access to all desired functions
  • RELIABLE; The ac manifold gauge set is designed to meet the high industry standard. Completed with a sturdy housing (protection class IP54), the instrument delivers dependable data even in difficult condition
  • PROBES; Obtain accurate measurements of temperature, pressure, or vacuum with the hvac manifold gauge set. The kit includes 2 wired temperature probes, making system analysis and optimization quick and easy
  • FEATURES; The testo gauges hvac supports most common refrigerant types, as well as A3 refrigerants. Combined with the testo smart app, the gauge produces automatic calculations of superheat and subcooling

2. Digital Manifold Gauge Set, Vacuum Pressure Temperature Leakage Tester for Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pumps, HT-750

  • Quick, accurate measurement of high and low pressure with two temperature compensated pressure sensors; automatic measurements of the evaporation and condensation temperature
  • 83 refrigerants stored in the instrument: just one instrument covers all the most important refrigerants and, depending on the refrigerant, there is no need for different manifolds
  • Equipped with a large 2 line backlit display, 2 way valve block and a suspension hook, the HVAC/R instrument enables a convenient application
  • Including 3 hoses (blue, red, yellow), each 35.4 Inch long, suitable for all common refrigerants.The rugged housing of the digital manifold includes a frame around the display, which protects the digital manifold from impact to provides a lasting performance.Complete kit: one Digital Manifold Gauge, three hoses, two pipe clamp temperature probes. and a hard shell case

3. Digital Manifold Gauge Set Pressure&Temp Test HVAC Manifold Pressure Leak Test Digital Refrigerant Gauges Vacuum HVAC Gauges with Refrigerant Hoses&Temperature Clamps&LCD Display for Air Conditioning

  • 【Evaporation/Condensation Pressure and Temp Test&High/Low-pressure Temperature Test HVAC Manifold】The HVAC gauges could operate dual pressure and temperature test to help you determine refrigeration capacity of refrigeration system. The lower the pressure and temperature of the evaporation(Ev)/condensation(Co) are, the more efficient the refrigeration cycle and the greater the refrigeration capacity will do. It also could test the temperature of the refrigerant in the high/low-pressure pipes.
  • 【Superheat and Subcooling Test&Pressure Leak Test】When refrigerant type is set and temperature clamps are connected to air conditioning pipes, HVAC gauges automatically read the degree of Superheat(SH) and Subcooling(SC). The higher the degree of superheat, the smaller the opening of the expansion valve (the refrigerant filling is less) can be determined. Calculate the pressure difference between the initial test pressure and the second test pressure to determine if the refrigerant is leaking.
  • 【Vacuum Pumping & Refrigerant Filling & Built-in 89 kinds of Refrigerant Database HVAC Manifold】Digital manifold gauge set can connect refrigeration equipment and vacuum pump for vacuum pumping operation. Vacuum pumping can make it easier to fill the refrigerant into the pipeline. HVAC gauges is built-in 89 kinds of refrigerant pressure&temperature database. Before you fill refrigerant, you can set different types of working refrigerants according to the car needs to fill.
  • 【Refrigerant Observation Window & Large LCD Digital Display & Multiple Unit Switching】When filling the refrigerant, you can observe the filling status of the refrigerant through the visible window. Equipped with large LCD display, clear data display and easy to read. You also can switch multiple pressure units, including kPa, Mpa, bar, inHg, PSI, along with the temperature unit switch between Celsius/Fahrenheit.
  • 【High Data Stability & Wide Application HVAC Gauge】Built-in 32-bit digital processing unit and high-precision data acquisition unit make it have high data stability. It uses high-strength engineering plastics and a flexible non-slip silicone design, sturdy and durable. Digital refrigerant Gauge is an auxiliary instrument for the installation, testing and maintenance of refrigeration machines such as automobile air conditioner, household air conditioning, refrigeration equipment and cold storage.

4. Xetron Revolutionary HVAC Gauges R410a Digital Manifold Diagnostic R134a R12 R404a etc Up to 141+ Refrigerants, OTA Remote Upgrade, 1/4"SAE 2-Way

  • 【OTA(over-the-air update) for Remote Firmware Upgrade】Keep your manifold up-to-date. DMG-10X digital manifold, more units than mechanical manifold, Available Units of pressure and temperature : [psi, kPa, Mpa, bar, inHg], [℉/℃]. 【Built-in Temperature Compensation】Eliminating the mistake of temp. change affecting pressure.
  • 【Add any refrigerants certificated by NIST Standard】Private custom for your job, DIY yourown 18 kinds, from 141+ refrigerants (continuously updated through APP), including R11 R12 R13 R22 R290 R32 R134a R404A R410A R407C R408A R409A R458A R448A R449A R500 R502 R600 etc. ASHRAE 34 standard classifies refrigerant safety based on toxicity and flammability, helping you ahead of time do adequate safety protection measures.
  • 【APP Real-time Data View+ Intelligent Analysis】[Pressure Temperature Measurement Mode] is free, according to your actual working needs, set upper and lower limit of High/Low pressure alarm. You can see these data on APP homepage: Minimum, Maximum, Average Pressure, EV, CO. 【Enter High/Low Temp. auto calculating Subcool(SC) and Superheat(SH)】. 【FREE 7-DAY TRIAL of all Functions: Hold Pressure Test, Offline Data Logging, Vacuum Test】More details and discount bundle please see the picture.
  • 【Advanced Thick Film Ceramics MEMS Sensor】Compared with Mechanical Shrapnel Structure easily damaged by outside force, MEMS Sensor can feel pressure reliably and stably. Aluminum valve body reinforcement on the bottom, Anti-collision and fall resistance.
  • 【Trouble-free Warranty by reaching us】Zero risk, one year warranty and lifetime customer service.

5. HVAC Gauges 93 Refrigerant Detection Digital Manifold Gauge Set HVAC Pressure&Temp Test HVAC Manifold Upgraded Ball Valve Digital Refrigerant Gauges with 3.5" LCD Display, Refrigerant Hoses,Temp Clips

  • 【Suitable for All Refrigeration Equipment & Detects 93 Refrigerants & Data Partition 3.5" LCD Display】HVAC gauges can test automobile air conditioning, household air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, cold storage and other refrigeration equipment. Digital manifold gauge set built in 93 refrigerant pressure and temperature database so that can detect 93 kinds of refrigerants. Test data is divided into areas on the 3.5-inch large backlit LCD display, so that you can read the data at a glance.
  • 【Upgraded V-shaped Valve Switch】Compared with refrigerant gauge hvac using ordinary knob valve,our digital refrigerant gauges adopt upgraded V-shaped valves, which are full-bore ball valves, with low fluid resistance, and control the refrigerant filling amount more accurately.You only need to turn 90° to easily open or close the valve and save operating time.V-shaped valve has two sealing surfaces using advanced material,which is resistant to corrosion and wear, and can achieve complete sealing.
  • 【Evaporation/Condensation Pressure and Temp. Test & Pressure Leakage Test】HVAC manifold can perform refrigeration system pressure and temp. tests to determine refrigeration capacity. The lower the evaporation/condensation pressure and temperature, the higher the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle and the greater the refrigeration capacity. HVAC gauges calculates the pressure difference between the initial test pressure and the second test pressure to determine whether refrigerant is leaking.
  • 【Overheat/Subcooling Test&High/Low Pressure Temp. Test&Vacuum Operation】When temperature clamps connect to AC pipe,it will read superheat and supercooling automatically.The higher the superheat, the smaller the expansion valve opening (less refrigerant) can be determined.Refrigerant temp. in the high/low pressure pipes can also be tested. HVAC gauges can be connected to a vacuum pump for vacuum operation, which makes the refrigerant filled with higher purity, the better the refrigeration effect.
  • 【Multiple Unit&32-bit Digital Processing Unit&Observation Window&Non-slip Silicone Design】HVAC manifold supports multiple pressure&temperature unit switches, such as kPa,MPa,bar,InHg,PSI,Celsius/Fahrenheit.Built-in 32-bit digital processing unit, more stable data processing.Viewing window allows you to observe refrigerant charging state directly.Silicone non-slip design prevents slip and fall. Digital manifold gauge set comes with temperature clips and refrigerant hoses(burst pressure:3000 PSI)

6. Testo 557s Kit I App Operated Digital Manifold, 2 x testo 115i Pipe Clamp Thermometer, 1 x testo 552i Micron Gauge, 4 x Hoses I for HVAC Systems – with Bluetooth

  • ACCURATE; The vacuum gauge replaces multiple HVAC gauges and was developed deliver extremely precise temperature measurement accuracy of +- 0.9 °F and pressure measurement accuracy of +- 0.5% Fs
  • USER-FRIENDLY; With its intuitive menu, 4-way valve block and automated probe connection, the manometer provides convenient pressure measurement in areas that are difficult to access
  • 552i MICRON GAUGE; The testo 552i achieves precise deep vacuum measurements down to single digit resolutions and provides notifications when the evacuation target is met
  • 115i THERMOMETER; Thanks to a grip of up to 1.5”, the wireless pipe clamp thermometer provides quick and convenient temperature and flow and return temperature measurements of pipes
  • SMART APP; Take advantage of clearly visualized documentation from a smartphone or tablet. Remotely operate your refrigerant gauge, execute service and maintenance tasks, and send results directly from the job site

7. Elitech Digital Manifold Gauge 2-Way Valve with Thermometer Clamps for HVAC Systems, LMG-10

  • AFFORDABLE YET FUNCTIONAL: Elitech LMG-10 is a combination of complete functions and favorable prices. It is designed to provide HVAC customers with the best product experience and the most affordable price.
  • PROFESSIONAL TOOL: Monitoring the process of pressure holding and vacuum leakage test precisely with temperature compensation.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE & DURABLE: Ultra-low power consumption, longer battery life of 200 hours, replaceable battery.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Supports 88 types of refrigerants, auto calculation of overheating and supercooling, temperature compensation, auto-off, 5 pressure units: psi, kg/cm2, kPa, MPa, bar, and 2 temperature units:°F/°C.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Large display, two temperature clamps included, a hanging hook on the back. 24/7 US technician support via email and phone.

8. AC Gauges Digital HVAC Manifold Gauge Set for 93 Refrigerants AC Pressure Gauge Set R134A R22 R12 R410A R1234YF Home Car Automotive Refrigerant Recharge Kit Refrigeration Hoses with Low Loss Fittings

  • 【Built-in 93 Kinds of Refrigerant Database】The upgraded Digital HVAC Manifold Gauge Set has a built-in 93 refrigerant pressure-evaporating temperature database according to the America NIST standard. Newly added 4 refrigerant types: R438A, R448A, R449A, and R452A. The manifold gauge set has the double pressure test, dual temperature test, digital readout, multi-unit switching (kPa, Mpa, bar, inHg, PSI or °C, °F ), and multi-mode function.
  • 【Automatic Calculation of Subcooling and Superheating】The refrigeration gauges built-in 32-bit digital processing unit and high-precision data acquisition unit, high data and stability. Digital refrigerant gauges can also calculate the supercooling and superheating degree, which is convenient to read the data directly during the operation. In addition, the ac manifold gauge set tests the percentage of vacuum measurement; pressure leak measurement, and leak time speed record.
  • 【Visualization Window & Refrigerant Charging & Vacuum Operation】Through the window of HVAC digital gauges, the charging state of the refrigerant can be directly observed, which is more convenient to operate. The HVAC digital manifold gauge set can realize vacuum operation by connecting the refrigeration equipment and vacuum pump. Note: When the gauge is turned on, there may be 10 digits in the high and low-pressure display area. At this time, press the zero button long until it returns to zero.
  • 【Pressure Leak Test】The manifold gauge calculates the pressure difference between the initial test pressure and the second test pressure to determine if the refrigerant is leaking. The digital HVAC manifold gauge set is specially used for the installation, testing and maintenance of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and cold storage.
  • 【Ball Valve Type Switch & LCD Display & Hook Design】The HVAC refrigerant gauge adopts high-strength engineering plastics and an anti-skid design, the whole gauge is sturdy and comfortable to hold. Large-size LCD display, support backlight, the displayed data is clear and easy to read, easy to operate even in low light. The new ball valve switch has more precise control and longer service life. The 1/4 inch standard interface design ensures the durability and universality of HVAC digital gauges.

9. Elitech Digital AC Gauge Set HVAC Gauges APP Monitoring with Temperature Clamps 1/8'' NPT, PT-500&PT-800

  • UPGRADED ELITECH TOOLS APP(ioS and Android): An intergraded app, that allows users to manage all Elitech tools such as vacuum pump, digital manifold, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, refrigerant charging scale on one app, more efficient and more intelligent.
  • AUTOMATIC CALCULATION: Superheat/subcool calculations, recording, reporting, analyzing data, settable high/low pressure alarms, and data export in Excel or PDF format.
  • 140 REFRIGERANTS & 7 MEASUREMENT UNITS: Support the saturated temperature-pressure comparison table more of 140 kinds of refrigerants. The units can be selected among psi, inHg, kg/cm², cmHg, bar, kPa, and Mpa.
  • HIGHER PROTECTION LEVEL: The pressure gauge is made by ABS and PPT and the waterproof level is IP65. The package includes a portable case with a handle and two temperature clamps.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This digital HVAC gauges electronic refrigerant group instrument, measuring temperature and pressure in real-time, is an auxiliary instrument for the installation, testing, and maintenance of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners, fridges and cold storage. 24/7 US Technician Support via Email and Phone.

10. BELEY Refrigeration Digital Manifold HVAC System Gauge Set with Temperature Clips and Hoses

  • MUST HAVE -- The intelligent electronic refrigerant group instrument is an auxiliary instrument for the installation, testing and maintenance of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners, fridge and cold storage. HVAC System Gauge Set has double pressure test, dual temperature test, digital readout, multi-unit switching, multi-mode function and built-in refrigerant database.
  • SUPER CONVENIENT TOOL -- The instrument can measure double pressure at the same time, as well as dual temperature measurement, with automatic multi-unit pressure conversion, automatic conversion of temperature Celsius / Fahrenheit, to facilitate different needs.
  • WHAT YOU CAN GET MORE -- Built-in 89 kinds of refrigerant pressure-evaporation temperature database, also calculate the subcooling superheat, to facilitate direct reading of operating process data. Also it tests percentage of vacuum measurement, pressure leak measurement, leak time speed record. It is deserved to have this multi-functional, accurate and simply operated digital manifold let you do the job right.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN -- Large-size liquid crystal display, LCD backlight support, data display clear and easy to read, convenient light operation. Long-life valve switches, 1/4-inch standard interface design to ensure that the instrument's durability and versatility.
  • HIGH-PRECISION AND WARRANTY -- The instrument uses high-strength engineering plastic and flexible non-slip silicone design. The whole machine is solid and comfortable to hold. Built-in 32-bit digital processing unit and high-precision data acquisition unit, high data and stability. We provide 30day money-back and 24month warranty ensure high-quality after-sales service.

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