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This is the ultimate buyer's guide to finding the right cupping set to suit your needs. We review the 10 best cupping set on the market so you know that your next decision will be a smart one!

When you're trying to select the good cupping set, there are a lot of factors to consider. This page has everything you need to know in one place.

This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with researching cupping set.

You don't have to try out every cupping set to find one that meets your needs. After extensive research and hours of in-person tests, we've found the best cupping set to be AIKOTOO Cupping Therapy Set w/ 12 Massage Cups for Back Pain Relief Physical Therapy with Hand Pump. There are a lot of sub-par products out there, but this product is one of the highest quality you'll find. Next best option is Cupluw Cupping Kit for Massage Therapy - 32 Cups Professional Chinese Cupping Set with Magnetics, Vacuum Cupping Therapy Set for Cellulite Reduction Muscle Pain Relief with Manual Pump.

Choosing the cupping set can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Here's what we recommend based on our extensive research. We've compiled a list of the highest rated cupping set. The following products are some of the best you can get right now.

List of Top 10 Cupping Set

Review of Best Cupping Set

1. AIKOTOO Cupping Therapy Set w/ 12 Massage Cups for Back Pain Relief Physical Therapy with Hand Pump

  • New Safer Cupping Set- Cupping is an ancient Chinese and Egyptian method of massage. Unlike traditional cupping therapy set, our cupping set uses plastic cupping sets that are engineered with high grade plastic to provide superior suction & control. Our brand new cupping set with pump are much easier to carry and cooperate but with a safer and convenient way.
  • Aikotoo Hijama Cupping Set Includes- 12 cups set with 8 different sizes of cups: 2 cups OD 2.76", 2 cups OD 2.36", 2 cups OD 2.04", 1 cup OD 1.77", 1 curve cup OD 1.77", 1 cups OD 1.42", 1 curve cup OD 1.42", 2 cups OD 1.12".
  • Other Cupping Therapy Kits- AIKOTOO cupping sets also offer a 26.7-inch extension tube FREE to help your do the cupping by yourself and A ABS plastic made Hand Pump Vacuum Gun to adjust the degree of suction from Gentle to Strong. We also provide one Gua Sha scraping tool.
  • Benefits of Using Cupping Therapy Sets- Cupping sets are used for back, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain relif by placing cups on your body, which helps loosen muscles, increase circulation, remove tension, relieve stress, improve sleep quality, sedate the nervous system, relax body and much more.
  • Easy To Use & Reusable- The Chinese Cupping therapy set is easy to reuse and operate for home massage. Use pressure easily to release the valve.

2. Cupluw Cupping Kit for Massage Therapy - 32 Cups Professional Chinese Cupping Set with Magnetics, Vacuum Cupping Therapy Set for Cellulite Reduction Muscle Pain Relief with Manual Pump

  • 【 Health and Wellness 】Cupping therapy is an ancient best myofascial release and deep tissue massage method. Put the plastic cups on the skin and use the suction generated by the pump to stimulate acupoints, activate lymphatic drainage, promote blood circulation, remove toxins from the body. It is used to relieve pain in the back, neck, shoulders, waist and legs, and muscle, joints and nerves, helps muscle recovery, relieve indigestion, rheumatism or cellulite, improves sleep quality.
  • 【 Cupping Sets 】The Hijama cupping set includes 32 suction cups for body ● 1 ABS vacuum suction hand pump ● 35-inch long extension tube (1 pcs) ● 12 removable magnetic massage points. 32 massage cups come in 6 different sizes to meet your cupping needs for any part of your body: 10 cups OD 2.67", 10 cups OD 2.36", 4 cups OD 1.69", 4 cups OD 1.29", 2 U-shaped cups OD 1.73", 2 U-shaped cups OD 2.04" ( U-shaped mouth design for curved parts such as neck, shoulders, elbows, knees ).
  • 【 Premium Thickened Material 】Unlike other cheap cupping device on the market, this cupping set massage therapy cups are made of stronger thickened PC Material, due to the extremely high heat resistance and toughness of PC material, our cupping cups can be sterilized with boiling water and will not break even if dropped from a height, and have a longer service life. The widened edge of the cup mouth has a larger contact area with the skin, providing better air tightness and comfort.
  • 【 Ideal Gifts 】 Unlike traditional cupping equipment, this manual vacuum cupping machine will not burn the skin and hair, so this cupping set is the most used and recommended home physical therapy tools for massage therapists, spas, athletic trainers, elite athletes and other professionals. This is a great gift for physical therapists, fitness lovers, athletes and people with back pain. It is a good idea for birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.
  • 【 Important Note 】 Apply essential oils before use. Thoroughly clean skin and remove body hair before cupping. Excessive body hair will result in weak suction. Do not perform cupping therapy when there is a wound, infection, burn, or inflammation on the skin surface. Do not take a bath or swim for 8 hours after cupping and keep warm. There will be various skin reactions after cupping, but these bruises generally disappear after a few days.

3. Professional Cupping Set *Made in Korea* (17 Cups) with Extension Tube($3.00 Value) KS Choi Corp"Made in Korea"

  • 17 x Plastic Cupping Cups (Great Quality, 13 of the 2" dia cups and 1 each of the 1.8", 1.6", 1.3", and 1.1" dia cups)
  • 1 x Pistol Grip Hand Pump
  • 1 x Carrying Case (Professional Look)
  • 1 x Extension Tube (optional part). It can use your neck, shoulder and back without any help.
  • 1 Manual Included (One page).

4. MUCHOO Cupping Set Professional Chinese Acupoint Cupping Therapy Sets Portable, Suction Hijama Cupping Set with Vacuum Magnetic Pump Cellulite Cupping Massage Kit 22-Cup

  • Cupping set is for cupping thereapy that is an ancient Chinese and Egyptian method of massage and it is the best deep tissue massage available.
  • The suction pressure provided by vacuum cupping set can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system.
  • Cupping therapy sets are used to relieve back, neck and leg pains, stiff muscles,relieve anxiety, fatigue, migrane, rheumatism and even cellulite.
  • Hijama cupping kit set include 22 pieces plastic cups: 2.75"(D)-4pcs,2.36"(D)-4pcs,2.04"(D)-4pcs,1.77"(D)-4pcs,1.38"(D)-3pcs,1.18"(D)-3pcs),hand pump gun,extension tube, gua sha scraping tool and massage oil.
  • Notice: 6 months quality serivce, please contact seller firstly if you meet any problems. CAUTION: Thoroughly clean skin and remove body hair before cupping. Excessive body hair will result in weak suction.

5. DEFUNX Cupping Set 16 Cups - Cupping Kit for Massage Therapy Pain Relief Cupping Therapy Set

  • Magic cupping massage set for relieving pain and promoting relaxation ● Cupping with this Chinese cupping kit is an effective treatment method for sleeplessness, shoulder pain, sciatic pain, chronic neck pain, and low back pain.
  • Easy-to-use small cupping set ● Unlike traditional cupping equipment, this suction cupping device will not burn the skin and hair. You can easily attach the pump to the cup and pump the air out of the cups, creating a vacuum effect that causes the skin to rise and the blood vessels to expand. You can easily enjoy cupping at home by yourself with this kit.
  • Exquisite packaging brings more convenience to your storage ● Every cup has its place: 6 cups 2.36" OD, 4 cups 1.97" OD, 2 cups 1.34" OD, 2 cups 1.18" OD, 2 U-shape cups 1.57" OD. In addition to the cup, this set also includes a hand pump gun, a 26.5-inch long extension tube, a Guasha tool and an instruction manual in English.
  • Wonderful Unique Gifts ● This hijama cupping set is a great gift for athletes, fitness lovers, physical therapists, and people with back pain. It is a good idea for a birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, etc.
  • Important Note ● Please clean the skin surface and remove body hair before cupping. Because an unclean, hairy skin surface will affect the cup's suction. Do not perform cupping therapy when there is a wound, infection, burn, or inflammation on the skin surface. Do not take a bath, swim, or drink for 8 hours after cupping.

6. KingPavonini 32 Cups Cupping Therapy Set, Professional Chinese Cupping Set with Magnetics, Portable Vacuum Cupping for Cellulite Reduction, Pain Relief and Blood Circulation

  • Physical Therapy Improves Health: The Chinese cupping set is generally used on the back, legs, neck, shoulders, etc. By stimulating the acupoints, dredging the meridians and promoting blood circulation. Effectively relieve joints pain, loosen muscles, relieve pressure and fatigue, improve sleeping, sedate the nervous system, and more. Can also be used to relieve migraines, rheumatism or cellulite.
  • Thickened Cupping Set Massage Therapy Cups: Includes 6 specifications: 10 cups OD 2.76", 10 cups OD 2.36", 2 curved cups OD 1.97", 2 curved cups OD 1.57", 4 cups OD 1.38", 4 cups OD 1.18". The cups are made from high strength resin and can withstand higher negative pressure. The widened rim of the cup mouth has larger contact area with the skin, with better air tightness & comfort.
  • One Set Meets All Needs: B01, B02 large flat mouth cups for wide body parts such as back, waist, thighs; B03, B04 U-shaped mouth cups for curved parts such as neck, shoulders, elbows, knees; B05, B06 small flat mouth cups for narrow parts such as wrists, ankles, face. One set of 6 sizes can meet the cupping needs of any part of your body.
  • Longer Extension Tube & Adjustable Magnets: The extension tube measures 31.5", longer than others on the market, which is more convenient for cupping by yourself. 12 upgraded elastic magnets can automatically adjust its height without stinging or hurting the skin. The set also comes with Gua Sha scraping tool.
  • Use Note: Please read the English instructions book carefully before cupping. Press the cup firmly where the body hair is thick. Do not bathe within 24 hours after use and keep warm. There will be various skin reactions after cupping, but these bruises generally disappear after a few days. For any questions about this item, please feel free to contact us.

7. ELERA Silicone Cupping Therapy Set, Professionally Chinese Massage Cups for Cupping Therapy and Cellulite Reduction (7 Cups)

  • PROFESSIONAL CUPPING THERAPY SET - ELERA Cupping Therapy Sets are supplying Healthcare Providers for years. More professional with The highest quality transparent platinum cured medical grade silicone. Durable & elastic like other expensive cups.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES & UNPARALLELED EFFECT - Work for cosmetic use, health and pain management. ELERA cupping set bring you a effective for skin firming and toning, inch loss, stretch marks and cellulite. Enjoy in the shower or with boost Cellulite Massage Cupping Oils. Cupping is more effective for fascia adhesions or trigger point release than classic massage, foam or muscle massage roller, fascia and cellulite blaster.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND MORE SAFETY - Clearer Greater visibility of tissue. Good suction Strong & Durable. We never add plastics, fillers, BPA, BPS, phthalates, PVC, latex or other fillers. We care about what goes on your skin and your results.
  • HELP IMPROVE PHYSICAL CONDITION - Cupping Therapy has been known to improve athletic performance, recovery and mobility, relieve joint and muscle pain, spasms and so much more. Chosen by Massage Therapists,Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Estheticians, Home Users and More.
  • LIFETIME HAPPINESS GUARATEE - First class massage tool offer you the best customer support and a lifetime product replacement warranty, your happiness is the MOST important thing to us! If for any reason you are not happy, have questions about the product, our experts are standing by to help!

8. Electric Cupping Therapy Set, Smart Dynamic Cupping Set with Portable 4-in-1 Button Type, Dynamic Massager Cupping Kit with 12 Ma Age Mode Acupoint Scraping

  • 4-IN-1 FULL FUNCTION - This smart scraping cupping integrates the four functions of cupping, massage, scraping and red light heat therapy, combining traditional Chinese medicine scientific therapy with modern high technology. Let you enjoy a relaxing body massage anytime, anywhere. is your therapist at your fingertips.
  • ORIGINAL DYNAMIC BREATHING MODE - Compared with traditional cupping devices, this smart cupping device adds a dynamic breathing mode, which alternates inhalation and release rhythmically, promotes faster blood circulation and speeds up the recovery process. It relaxes muscles and skin, releasing Sha quickly.
  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE - Circular design, skin-friendly material paint body and compact size, combined with smart display module and charging port, safer and easier to operate than traditional scraping massage tools. Adopt advanced PI conduction heating technology instead of traditional open flame to avoid burns. The smart electric cupping massager helps relax muscles, eliminate lactic acid, and relieve pain, perfect for post-workout recovery.
  • Dual 12 Level System - Smart Cupping Massager Therapy Set with 12 levels of temperature (100.4°F-122°F) and suction (-60 to 0 kPa) adjustment, dynamic suction mode and heat compression mode, giving you freedom of choice. You can gradually increase it to find the most suitable intensity.
  • EASY-TO-USE SMART CONTROL - smart timing chip, 20 minutes as a cycle. The unique one-button decompression mechanism instantly releases the pressure of taking the cup and eliminates the pain when taking the cup. Suggest pairing with lotion or massage oil for the ultimate cupping experience.

9. Silicone Cupping Therapy Sets, Anti Cellulite Cup Massager - Vacuum Suction Cup for Cellulite Treatment - Amazing Cellulite Remover

  • PROFESSIONAL CUPPING THERAPY. Cupping Therapy Set has been proven to provide some pain relief, improve blood circulation, anti cellulite, back, shoulder and neck pain relief, joint and muscle pain relaxation, stress reduction and eliminating body toxins. Accelerate the healing of sport injury, scar tissue and body injury.
  • PROMOTE RELAXATION. Silicone cups sets help in a physical sense regarding illness and pain,cupping is proven to be relaxing,chronic stress and mental fatigue can lead to anxiety and depression.
  • ANTI-AGING EFFECT. Your circulation slows down as you age,but Chinese cupping improves circulation,allowing more essential nutrients and oxygen to get your skin.
  • HIGH QUALITY SILICONE CUPS- SPEQUIX. SHKIBY Silicone cupping sets are manufactured from medical grade silicone.
  • What You Receive: 2 x 2.9*2.7 inch cupping suction cups, 2 x 2.2*2 inch cupping suction cups. If these Cupping Therapy Set don't live up to your expectations, please let us know. We will send you a replacement or refund. You take NO RISK when you purchase with us. But we're betting you'll fall in love with these Cupping Therapy Sets, and a team of wild horses couldn't get them out of your hands and make you send them back. You'll probably order MORE!

10. Cupping Kit for Massage Therapy - Cupping Therapy Set - Cupping Set - Silicone Cupping Set (4 Cups, Blue)

  • CUPPING KIT FOR MASSAGE THERAPY: Lure Essentials is an American woman-owned company you can count on for quality, education and service that continues beyond your purchase.
  • CUPPING THERAPY SETS: Includes (1) XL 2.75”, (1) Large 2.10”, (1) Medium 1.50” and (1) Small 1.25”. Durable, transparent platinum silicone, portable and easy to use.
  • SUCTION CUPS: cupping uses a decompression technique to lift and stretch fascia, release fascial tightness and support healthy blood and lymph flow for lymphatic massage, sports injuries, immune and respiratory support, cupping for cellulite reduction.
  • EDGE SILICONE CUPPING SET: Lure’s specialty is cupping therapy. We will support you every step of the way with step-by-step techniques, video tutorials and personalized support.
  • CUPPING KIT HAPPINESS PROMISE: DESIGNED IN THE USA and made responsibly with superior silicone free of fillers, plastic BPA and other questionable material. If you find that this cupping set is not for you, we will promptly refund your purchase. No questions asked!

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