Banala Lite : Smart Sleep-Cycle-Inducing System To Fall Asleep Fast and Deep

Sleeping is as important as eating and drinking for a healthy life. Sleep revitalizes a tired body and puts the mind to rest. Lack of sleep can cause both mental and physical harm. Sleeping disorders can be extremely harmful for a human. The modern busy world has given a rise to irregular sleeping patterns. It is turning into a problem which requires a solution as soon as possible. There are several medications and devices that help by inducing sleep. One of these is the new Banala Lite.

Banala Lite is a smart sleep-cycle inducing system. It has integrated isochronic sound technology. The combination syncs mind and body to create a natural sleep cycle.

Isochronic tones are proven to be offering benefits in sleeping. The beta wave rhythms inside of mind are responsible for keeping the brain awake. The speaker inside of Banala Lite produces theta waves that slow down the brain activities. Instead of in a click, the brain will slowly move to rest thus inducing sleep. The speaker begins by producing a 10Hz theta wave and then slowly drops down to 0.75 Hz which is the delta range. A deep sleep is reached when the rhythm waves are at the lowest region that is delta.

If a smaller brainwave stays dominant it can induce the body to sleep. Isochronic tones simulate an environment of high brainwave activity at a specific range. The slower isochronic tones reduce stress and provides relaxation and comfort. Thus, Banala can also help with decreasing stress levels along with a sleeping disorder. This will result in a better physical and mental state which will then reflect in the outside personality and lifestyle.

Theta waves also helps in anxiety as well. Anxiety is a real issue and it can disrupt anyone’s lifestyle in many ways. Claims are that the anxiety levels can drop by 56% after 20 theta wave sessions across a month. Lack of sleep can also lead to constant headaches which Banala Lite can help with. It also helps with any regular headaches. It claims to cure headache in just 5 minutes.

banala lite

Banala Lite is small and compact. Its dimensions are 70 x 40 mm and it looks just like a regular Bluetooth speaker. It weighs only 200 grams as well. The outer body only consists of an unibody, a push button and a grill over the speaker. Pushing the button is all that is required for turning it on. For working, it has a built-in 400 mAh battery. The battery can help Banala Lite stay active for a total of 12 hours continuously. It can go all up to 20 hours on standby mode.

Banala Lite is a type of device that can bring about a serious change in the lifestyle of someone. Insomnia is a serious problem and so is stress and anxiety. Banala Lite uses a technology that can scientifically help with all three of these. To what extent it works can not be said for sure. But for anyone suffering for one of the aforementioned, Banala Lite is something you could give a try.


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